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Material Builder Free Website Creator

Material Builder Free Website Creator

by FileCriticOctober 25, 2019

Material Design is in vogue right now. Initially championed by Google, you can now see websites, progressive web apps, and even mobiles applications featuring this fascinating design concept just about everywhere. But if you want to build your own website in Material Design, then there’s a catch. Crafting the numerous material UI elements require a certain innate knowledge of getting the various color choices, large-scale typographies, responsive animations, and intentional white spaces to match each other.

But that’s where MDBootstrap puts its foot in. After offering arguably the best Material UI development kit based on multiple JavaScript flavors for years, the good folks at MDBootstrap  has come up with MDB Builder, a phenomenal Material Design site builder that requires zero coding knowledge, period. While MDB Builder is still in beta, the potential that it offers to craft terrific-looking Material Design sites that anyone can easily build has just become a reality. But how does it work? We take a look at that below.

Smooth, Seamless Site Building

The MDB Builder is quite possibly the most cleanest-looking site building platform ever devised. With a user interface built in none other than Material Design, it puts you right in the mood and makes the task of creating sites a joy. Initiate a new project, and you have a crisply rendered preview area to the left side of the MDB Builder window that automatically updates whenever you pick a material UI element from the right-side pane.

Since MDB Builder is still in beta, there are only a limited amount of components available. But the super-simple approach to site building is more than apparent. Forget navigating complex design element trees — instead, you can easily filter out what you want using the various tags at the top of the screen. For example, you can start off by filtering available navbars. Once you do that, make you pick, and you should see it rendered instantly on the vacant sheet to the left.

You can then go on your merry way of picking components such as content boxes, features, teams, testimonials, and footers to incorporate within your site. And you don’t have to worry about getting things in the right order either. You can remove components or move them around the preview pane easily. The ease with which you can go about building almost any kind of site rapidly is just phenomenal, and you really need to try it out personally to understand how seamless things actually are.

Everything’s Fully Customizable

Editing any component that you insert is ridiculously easy. For example, modifying text anywhere simply involves placing the cursor over the relevant area within the preview pane and just typing away. Same goes for menus and buttons, where a nifty editing area will show up as soon as you hover over the component, ready for link insertion. Furthermore, you can easily go about replacing icons and images with minimum fuss as well.

Of course, there’s also the ability to customize available material UI elements to a certain degree. You can, for example, easily choose to modify the container’s style, adjust padding, configure margins, etc. There are bound to be more customization options once MDB Builder moves out of its beta phase. But what is surprising is the convenience with which you can actually perform these customizations, and the uncanny ability with which MDBootstrap has implemented such core functionalities into the site builder.

Once you are done, you can easily check out your changes by publishing them immediately. Either that, or you can choose to download the contents, which works wonders if you prefer updating your site using manual means.

Material Design Elements Look Gorgeous

All design elements that you gain access to in MDB Builder look jaw-droppingly fantastic. Whether it’s the beautifully spaced out menus on a navigation bar, the crisp and clear text fields in a web form, or the responsive animations and transitions on a button, MDB Builder simply reeks of all things Material Design.

And who said that material design has to be in the same shade of gray everywhere? In fact, this fabulous design concept looks even better in color, and you can do just that for any component listed within. MDB Builder offers a dizzying variety of colors that really helps your site stand out from the rest of the competition. The sheer fact that you can add, customize, and modify elements speak volumes as to the versatility of this phenomenal site builder.

Material Design for Everybody

There are lots of material UI development kits out there. And while MDBootstrap’s own solutions are some of the best, not everyone is a coder. That’s what makes MDB Builder so radically different. Designing sites quickly and efficiently in stunning Material Design no matter your technical knowledge is more than possible.

With a building environment designed in beautiful Material Design itself, to a quick and painless crafting experience that puts alternative site builders to shame, it’s fascinating how MDBootstrap has managed to carry over the simplicity of Material design to the core site building experience itself. If you love Material Design, then you absolutely must keep an eye out for the complete release of MDB Builder. It’s nothing short of revolutionary.

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