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Meerkat launches embeddable player, will debut with Discovery Channel’s event next month

Meerkat launches embeddable player, will debut with Discovery Channel’s event next month

by AshwinJune 27, 2015

Earlier this week, Twitter’s Live Streaming service, Periscope added support for web-replays, which allows users to watch streams on their desktops for 24 hours.


But its rival, Meerkat is adding a feature that is even more impressive.

Techcrunch says that Meerkat has launched an embeddable player, which will allow the broadcast to be added and viewed on other services. Take that, Periscope!

And what a way to make its debut, the new embeddable player will be used to broadcast a Discovery Channel show. The channel will hold its annual Shark Week event, next month, on July 5th. And Meerkat player will live stream behind-the-scenes videos on DLive web portal. Later, the content from the Shark Week will be streamed to Meerkat users, through the event;s official handle, @SharkWeek account, giving Discovery’s programming another digital outlet.

This should give Meerkat a huge boost, especially since Twitter crippled it by denying access to its socio-graph, in order to selfishly favour its own service, Periscope. This prevented Meerkat users from notifying their followers that a broadcast is about to begin.

Meerkat’s developer on the other hand is taking it to the next level, by opening up the service’s API, so that developers can make use of it in their services. In fact, there is a drone which uses Meerkat.

Drones usually have cameras attached to capture wonderful images and video footage of the landscape they fly over. And some of them use live streaming tools, while others record them for later use, like for making YouTube videos.

Meerkat’s Co-founder Ben Rubin says that partnering with the Discovery Channel, is a great way to debut the service’s embeddable player, and that more partners are interested in the app. The number of users of Meerkat are not disclosed by the service, but it has been doing incredibly well, in spite of obstacles that it ran into.

Rubin says that the number of Meerkat users has tripled, since the app’s debut in March. Meerkat allows users to watch live streams anywhere, on  desktops, phones, tablets etc. It allows for watchers to retweet the stream to their followers, so it reaches out to more watchers. People can even comment on streams. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t support replays in any form yet.

These live streaming apps can even be used for educational and professional purposes like Webinars. Their biggest advantage, is of course, the price tag is the lowest possible, free.