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Meet KC Motamedy, Director of Marketing Services – cleverbridge

Meet KC Motamedy, Director of Marketing Services – cleverbridge

by FileCriticMarch 30, 2016

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kcmotamedycleverbridge provides global subscription billing solutions that help companies build long-term customer relationships and grow recurring revenue streams.

They offer a flexible, cloud-based billing and monetization platform,  integrating seamlessly with client systems, simplifying subscription business models and delivering an optimized online customer experience.


We talked about cleverbridge with K.C. Motamedy, Director of Marketing Services, cleverbridge.




KC. please tell our readers something about your personal way at first. What did you do before you came to cleverbridge and what’s the most interesting part of your job there?

Prior to cleverbridge, I was responsible for building product verticals for Insurance and Mortgage lead generation. I setup everything from the lead capture forms and landing pages to the management of the online marketing for the various product verticals.

It was eye-opening to see the amount of money involved in the sharing of customer information. It got me thinking if this much exists in lead generation, what are the other opportunities in the online space?


Could you explain for the people outside the marketing sector, what cleverbridge does and what are the possibilities with the service? What’s “affiliate marketing” f.e.?

cleverbridge is a global subscription billing provider. We integrate with clients’ systems, simplifying subscription business models and – above all – delivering an optimized online experience.

We leverage our unbeatable combination of technology, services and expertise to deliver a flexible configuration of the capabilities clients need to deliver the best online customer experience and maximize recurring revenue streams.


Can you tell us a little bit about the history of cleverbridge, and what is the story behind it? There is the rumor that Craig Vodnik (VP operations) lived the first year in the office, or rather, the office was his living room. Is that true?

cleverbridge is a bootstrapped company with no outside investment. In order for the company to be successful, there was a time where operational overhead needed to be lean and co-founder Craig Vodnik was working out of his living room.

The roots of the cleverbridge success is based around the family feel and atmosphere – it is a work hard, play hard atmosphere. From the beginning, the company executive have always been down to earth and participate and lead various activities with employees – from Mario Cart tournaments to Whirlyball.

This has helped to perpetuate the family atmosphere and it helps to create employee and company success.


When was the breakthrough and the point you realize, there is something big going on? What was responsible for the success in your opinion?

The breakthrough time/moment for me was late 2010 and early 2011. My team was responsible for managing clients’ online marketing channels at the time and we had achieved significant growth of over 2,000 percent.

At that point I realized that we are involved in something bigger and that the more clients that can work effectively with cleverbridge the more success could be cultivated.

Working in online marketing for the past decade enables cleverbridge to give visibility into the entire customer purchase process – from acquisition, engagement to renewal.This has been pivotal for the growth along with some smart proprietary cart technology around GeoIP.


Is your service also worthwhile for people with small homepages? Is everybody able to generate earnings with cleverbridge or are only big sites suitable?

cleverbridge provides a boutique approach. It is very difficult to qualify an opportunity on just a homepage alone. For example, a business may have low revenue but lots of traffic and need help with monetization and pricing locally and globally. That would be an opportunity cleverbridge would be interested in.

Another potential opportunity may have a lot of downloads or free trial users, but not a lot of revenue or website traffic. This would be another example of a perfect fit and opportunity for cleverbridge to step in and help.

We are definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we take the time to evaluate each opportunity to understand and identify how we can best help and grow a partner’s business, while keeping their goals in mind.


What are the features cleverbridge plans for the future? Can you already tell something about upcoming changes?

I can’t speak to any specific features yet. However, our future in subscription billing is bright with growth opportunities coming from cloud delivery models, mobile technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), omnichannel service and subscription business models.

We are leading an industry revolution by helping clients monetize products and services more effectively, rapidly expanding their global subscriber base and maximizing customer lifetime value. We are one of the only companies in our space to be able to offer the entire experience under one roof.


But the PC isn’t the only platform anymore, where people click on links to purchase products. Smartphones and Tablets became an important part in the digital life and will even become more common. How do you the value this development – will there be a point, where more deals will be done on mobile devices?

I believe mobile is the future and cleverbridge has a similar vision. All of our online marketing is mobile and tablet friendly, as well as our global checkout and sign-up process.

However, our vision goes beyond that by providing our client’s customers the ability to manage their subscriptions and devices through a customer-centric portal on their PC, tablet or mobile device.

There will be a point when more deals are done on mobile or tablets, but we will always have PCs in our lives. PCs are pivotal to home automation and will always be a staple in the home. What we need to provide to consumers is a better way to manage their product licenses on multiple devices.


Except of your own service, what’s your favorite software or app on the market and why?

As an avid anything with a motor enthusiast, I love the Waze app. Growing up in the 90s with radar detectors, you become very observant of what was around you – a defensive driver if you will.

With Waze, I can see hazards, traffic and speed traps ahead, effectively removing my need for a radar detector – except for rural areas and metropolitan areas like Chicago that do not support Waze.

Also with the traffic rerouting ability, I save 10-15 minutes on a typical errand to the suburbs of Chicago and time is money. Waze is my favorite app currently.


If your clients or interested partners want to get in personal touch with you: Will cleverbridge be exhibiting at any events over the coming months?

We still have three more stops on our 2016 Digital Industry Night Road Show – Prague on April 13; Austin on May 11; and Tel Aviv on June 8.

The events bring together leaders from digital goods and subscription companies for an opportunity to network and discuss experiences in the global market.

We’ll also be at WhichTestWon TheLiveEvent USA in late April.


If you had to convince an undecided prospective client of cleverbridge, what would you tell him in three or four sentences? What makes your service outstanding compared to other tools?

Much like how Porsche and Harley innovated mechanical engineering by going from air cooled to liquid cooled motors and maintaining the same level of reliability and customer experience, cleverbridge has done the same for clients looking to go into the subscription space.

With our decades of experience in ecommerce, it has helped us refine the subscription experience to help our clients see renewals rates of over 60 percent. What are you waiting for?


Last but not least: how do you balance a demanding work life in the software sector? Family, sports, entertainment, games?

As I mentioned earlier, cleverbridge is a family experience from the top down. When you spend 8+ hour days with colleagues for over 7 years there is a feeling of accountability and family and comradery that can’t be explained in a couple paragraphs or sentences.

The family and accountability is a mutual thing from the top down and bottom up. This allows for the best work-life dynamic I have ever had the opportunity to have been a part of.

This is due to higher level executives understanding when we have pressing personal matters, while we also have understanding what is pressing from a business perspective. The byproduct is something truly amazing from a work like balance perspective.