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Meet Norman Förderer, VP of Sales and Online Marketing – Audials

Meet Norman Förderer, VP of Sales and Online Marketing – Audials

by FileCriticMarch 30, 2016

FileCritic Interview: Meet the Vendors

NormanFoerderer As „RapidSolution Software“ Audials started producing software in 1998.

With their product „Tunebite“, wich is able to record music and videos from the internet, the company made great stir.

Meanwhile Audials is a inherent part of the software market with, of course, a broader portfolio than in the early days.

We talked about the Audials software with Norman Förderer, VP Online Marketing & Sales.



Norman, the first product was Tunebite in 2004, which is still very successful today. Who came up with the idea for the tool and what was the idea behind it?

While the functions of Audials Tunebite were developed further and diversified into Audials Tunebite Premium and Audials Tunebite Platinum, the initial idea for the product was based on previous projects, on which the founders of the Audials AG worked on.

Saving music for private enjoyment of the favorite tunes has always raised people’s interest. Besides a range of illegal providers and platforms to download music, we wanted to offer users a legal option to save and keep their favorite music and listen to it whenever they want to.


The product portfolio grew over the years. What products Audials also has to offer today and is Tunebite still the flagship?

Over the years, our portfolio of software solutions continually expanded so that we offer today a variety of products for different purposes:

  • Audials Tunebite Premium is a streaming recorder, format converter for music & audio books, media player, it manages all audio files and adds ID3 tags.

  • Audials Tunebite Platinum records music and films from paid streaming services. DVDs are copied and all media are always put in the right file format for PC, smartphone and tablet.

  • Audials Radiotracker is a radio player, Internet radio recorder. It includes podcasts, music TV, automatically adds ID3 tags and more

  • Audials Moviebox records protected and unprotected video streams. Moreover, the software copies DVDs and converts video files for PC, smartphone and tablet.

  • The flagship product is Audials One. It includes all functions of the other products and is therefore a four-in-one solution for music and movie fans. Audials One combines a streaming recorder for music and films. It allows users to listen to and record internet radio stations and has a format converter for all media and devices.

  • The Audials Radio apps for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems as free and paid versions.




What changed regarding the functionality during the last years in the software and are there any upcoming features for the future, you can already talk about?

The functions have always been adapted to the trends in media usage. At the time DRM protection became an important topic and different files for different devices were incompatible with each other, solutions have been developed to make the users’ experience with media as pleasant and easy as possible.

Now that streaming of music and movies is a current trend, we are trying to give users the best software for being able to save files, even with a free auto-update to ensure the ongoing compatibility with all major streaming services.

In September 2016, we are going to release Audials 2017 with many new exiting and up-to-date features to ease recording, converting and saving of music, video clips, movies, podcasts and music TV. During each generation, updates in case of technical changes with the preconfigured platforms included in the software, are provided for free.


With the Audials apps you provide your service also on smartphones and tablets. Does the user have the same amount of online radio stations and podcasts to choose from than with the PC software?

The apps for smartphones and tablets add to the features of the software. The amount of radios and podcasts that the Audials Radio app constantly monitors, for delivering the best search result based on the users’ wishes, are slightly lower in the app.

However, international, national and local radio stations are also available in the app. Plus there is no commercial even in the free version. Additionally, the smartphone is always at hand at home or on the go for enjoying entertainment with music any time.


Quick and easy: What do you think is the reason of Audials products being so popular during the years?

The Audials AG is the company behind the software. The expertise and knowledge about the market situation and the trends are directly translated into the features we provide with our software.

All over the year, our staff works hard for preserving and continuing to give users the best media experience while using Audials products. The network of sales partners and affiliates supports us in the promotion of the functions and the added values of our solutions. Despite being a small to medium-sized company, our products are available internationally and we will carry on in this tradition.


Downloading songs on the internet is not necessarily legal. What can you tell users, who have legal concerns about using Audials One for recording music?

Questions about the legal status of our software are asked very often. However, all our products are a 100% legal. Users might get in trouble when disrespecting general regulations of receiving and distributing audio and video files on the Internet.

It is forbidden by law to pass on files or upload these files online that have been previously downloaded legally with Audials software for sharing them with peers. Nevertheless, users who record files from legal sources with our software cannot be prosecuted.