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Microsoft accidentally reveals Tab Previews in Edge, and then promises to roll out the feature a future preview build soon

Microsoft accidentally reveals Tab Previews in Edge, and then promises to roll out the feature a future preview build soon

by AshwinSeptember 14, 2015

Microsoft Edge, the daring, and much needed replacement for Internet Explorer, touted as a key feature in Windows 10, is back in the headlines today.

Microsoft Edge Tab Preview Ignite

Recently Microsoft hosted an event in New Zealand called Microsoft Ignite.

During the keynote of the event, Joe Belfiore, demoed the features of Cortana. More specifically, he was showing off the searching powers of the app which is integrated in Microsoft Edge. But the Windows boss let slip something else.

See the above screenshot? That shows Tab Previews in Microsoft Edge, a feature is not present in Windows 10, even in the latest preview build of the OS. Belfiore knew he had accidentally outed the feature, but apparently decided to continue explaining about Cortana, writes Win Beta. Soon enough, Belfiore decided he should announce the feature officially, and said:

You might have noticed there’s one other thing in the Edge browser that I mistakenly revealed as I was doing this (Cortana demo), is a small feature we have not shown anyone yet but is coming to our Insider builds really soon and that is this tab preview feature

As you can see in the screenshot, hovering the mouse cursor appears to show the thumbnail preview of the tab, the cursor is on.

This is a great feature, as even Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome do not have this feature natively. But I for one believe that Microsoft Edge is still in its infancy, and needs several more key features, just for the browser to be used as a daily driver.

These are the ones which I primarily use in Firefox, and which are missing in Edge.

Right-click options – While I mostly use it for “Search Google for ‘selected text’ “, I do like having the options for spell check, cut, copy, paste etc. But I also use it for various Firefox add-ons as well. Microsoft’s right-click context menu is almost non-existant, there is no option to search for, and the

Paste and Go – Popularized by Chrome and Firefox, this feature allows the user to paste a URL or a search term in the address bar, with just one right click and a left click of the mouse. Edge merely offers editing options, which by today’s standards makes the browser outdated without Paste and Go.

These two are absoulety must have for power users, and in fact they are basic features, sp why they aren’t available in Microsoft Edge baffles me, and also prevents me from using it as my browser of choice.

Extensions – Microsoft Edge is yet to get its primary feature, support for browser extensions. It is the deciding factor, which will help Edge climb up in the ranks in the browser wars against the two major players, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Most users have to rely upon extensions for password and online security, while power users use them for emails, screenshots and more.

Some rumours say that extension support for Edge will be added in the last quarter of this year, but only time will tell us if they are true.

Extensions support is the only feature in the above list which is guaranteed to be added in Edge, the others remain a distant dream.