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Microsoft allows you to transfer your old data to Windows 10 by giving away Laplink PCMover Express

Microsoft allows you to transfer your old data to Windows 10 by giving away Laplink PCMover Express

by AshwinSeptember 2, 2015

Windows 10 has been growing steadily to establish itself as a solid presence on desktops, since its release a month ago.


Microsoft is seeking ways to boost the number of users adopting to the new operating system, and gas made a rather significant announcement which may aid it in its quest.

The Redmond Company, is now giving away free copies of Laplink PCMover Express, at its website, to help users to transfer their old data to their Windows 10 PC. This will be useful for users who are moving on to a new computer to use Windows 10, or are abandoning their older PC in favour of a more modern one.

The setup file is just over 33 MB in size. Download and install it on both PCs ( the source computer, and the destination computer). You will be required to enter an email address during the installation process. Just run the application, and click on PC to PC transfer, and hit next, and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your data to another PC, using just a network connection.

Note however that the version of Laplink PCMover Express being given away, is free for home use only, so if you wish to use it for your business you are going to have to buy a licensed version. The express version of the app will only run on PCs if the source PC, from which you are copying the files, has Windows XP or above, and if the PC to which the files are being copied to has Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. It is also worth mentioning that the app will not transfer existing installations of apps. That feature is only available in the PCMover Professional version.

It does however move files and folders, as confirmed by Thomas Koll, the CEO of LapLink.

“We’re fully committed to this relationship with Microsoft in support of all Windows users,” said Koll. “Our latest version of PCmover makes it easier than ever for customers running Windows XP, all the way to the latest release of Windows 10, to migrate their personal files, folders, and other settings to their new PC.”

Will this app help Windows 10 gain more users? I cannot say for sure, but having a backup of your data, never hurts. In fact it is highly advisable to have a disc/system image ready before deciding to take the plunge to Windows 10. And if you already have all the files from your old PC, it is all the more easier to set up your new PC.