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Microsoft announces media capture in Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft announces media capture in Microsoft Edge browser

by AshwinMay 13, 2015

Microsoft looks to be packing as many features in to its new browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge.


The Redmond company has announced that it is adding media capture in Edge.

Media capture in Microsoft Edge browser:

The feature is being added to the latest release of Windows 10 Preview Build.  It is based on a specification called, Media Capture and Streams” developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the Device APIs Working Group. The Media Capture feature will allow users to capture video stream from a webcam, and an audio stream from a microphone.

While this is an excellent feature, it also poses some security risks and privacy concerns. Microsoft is aware of the problems it could cause, and intends to protect the user, by implementing some security measures.

Users on a HTTP webpage, will be prompted to grant permission when the Media Capture function is accessed. The permission persists for the capture device until all capture devices of the same type are released by the page.

HTTPS webpages, will dismiss the permissions when the user navigates away from the webpage, and hence is a more safer option. Microsoft says that Edge never stores permissions for a webpage or website.

The Media Capture feature in Microsoft Edge can be enabled or disabled from the about:flags page, i.e the experimental features page. However, it is enabled by default in the Windows Insider Preview build, to get feedback from users.

Media Capture can be used for various purposes: taking a photo, recording a voice message, snapping a barcode, and also for real-time audio and video communications. So it is possible that users will be able to use Edge for Video Chatting, Calls, and live-streaming natively.

Microsoft says that the Media Capture in Edge, has Automatic Gain Control for the volume. But users will also be allowed to adjust the volume level, using the Audio Device Manager Tool in Windows. Media capture is still in an early stage, and has a known issue in video capture.

Currently the version in the preview release,  has a bug present in it doesn’t allow the user to set the resolutio webcam. But the Redmond company is already working on a fix for this.

Microsoft Edge will support several advanced features like Cortana integration, Web page annotation, OneNote integration. It also supports syncing of passwords, bookmarks, tabs and history, and also support browser extensions, but this feature will only arrive when Windows 10 is launched officially, sometime in July.

Thanks Avinash for the tip.