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Microsoft announces that Windows 10 is running on 110 Million devices

Microsoft announces that Windows 10 is running on 110 Million devices

by AshwinOctober 6, 2015

Last week, we came across a report which claimed that Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 runs on 100 Million devices.

Windows 10 110 Million Devices
But Microsoft’s official statement is a tad off, and in a good way.

The Redmond company has officially announced that Windows 10 is running on 110 Million devices. That is an incredibly amazing number, which it has gained in just 10 weeks after the operating system was launched, back at the end of July. That is actually a little over 10% of its rather huge target, which is to achieve 1 Billion installs by 2017.

This is what Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft had to say about Windows 10:

Since our launch in July we have grown to 110 million active Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft announced the news proudly at its event, where it is launching several devices. We are keeping an eye on the event, hoping to see a new build of Windows 10. You can watch the live stream of the Microsoft event live from the company’s official website.

Windows 10 is also beginning to roll out in some new water recently, China. Microsoft has partnered with Baidu to roll out the upgrade in the country, with a small catch. The default search engine of the browser in the OS, Microsoft Edge, will not be Microsoft Bing, instead it will be powered by Baidu’s own search engine to provide a local flavour and a better experience for the country’s users.

The fact that there are already 10 million users using Windows 10 in China, speaks volumes about how far Windows 10 has reached. Sure, the heat of Windows 10’s adoption has slowed down considerably, but it will ascend slowly as businesses begin to upgrade their computers to the latest iteration of Windows.

Microsoft even took a swipe at Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who once famously declared that laptop-tablet hybrids would never appeal to the user, as they are like a toaster-fridge hybrid. The Redmond company’s Terry Myerson, who is the Windows team’s second in command,  playfully tweeted the following image, which is a subtle dig, at Cook’s statement, and to remind everybody that Microsoft’s Surface Pro hybrid devices are doing really well.

The Redmond company also launched the Microsoft Surface Book, which it says is “the new tablet that can replace your laptop” and that it is twice as fast as Apple MacBook Pro devices. It even launched Windows 10 Mobile, along with two new flagship phones, and a new wearable, amongst other devices.