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Microsoft asks Windows Insiders to update to Windows 10 Build 10240 to continue using Windows Store

Microsoft asks Windows Insiders to update to Windows 10 Build 10240 to continue using Windows Store

by AshwinJuly 25, 2015

Microsoft has made a rather odd announcement, which may not please all users.


The Redmond Company has asked Windows Insiders who are running on older builds of the operating system, to update to  the latest version available, i.e. Windows 10 Build 10240.

This is apparently mandatory, if users want to continue using the Windows Store on their computers. WinSuperSite reports that Microsoft made the announcement through the Insider Hub app available in Windows 10. This is what it says:

“The Windows 10 Store team has been making some great fixes and improvements to reliability and performance. To ensure you are able to benefit from these important updates, starting July 24 we will be requiring Insiders who are not running the latest Windows 10 operating system to upgrade their PC; otherwise those affected will be unable to experience the Windows 10 Store. Check Windows Update to make sure you have installed the latest build and the most recent updates.”

Is this Microsoft’s sneaky way of telling users, “Hey, this is the final build of Windows 10?” Well, I am not sure about this. But it could be possible.

If you don’t use the Windows Store Apps, just ignore the message and continue using your preview build.  The operating system should work fine. Windows Store App users, you literally have no choice but to update to Build 101240. It also kind of reminds me, how forced Windows Updates are like swallowing a bitter pill. Blech!

And then you will need to update the Windows Store App too. Once you open the app on your PC, it should prompt you to allow the update, which is around 147MB in size. Do so, and you are all set. The current version of the Windows Store app is 2015.7.22.2, which can verify by clicking on the profile picture in the app, and then on Settings. Scroll down and you should see the version number.



Windows Update KB3074680:

On a side note, Microsoft has released another Windows Update called KB3074680. It is also a cumulative security patch which contains all the patches from the past few days.

The update is also reported to fix failed installs of said previous patches, on many devices, including the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3. Ironically, all those updates worked fine for me, but today’s KB3074680 failed a few times on my PC.


Third time’s the charm? It was for me. But it still showed me that the latest definition update called KB2267602 (Definition 1.203.452.0) for Windows Defender failed to install, and checking for new updates yielded no results. If you use a reputed antivirus program, you can safely ignore this error as well.