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Microsoft begins promoting Windows 10, with a “10 reasons to upgrade” video campaign and a TV commercial

Microsoft begins promoting Windows 10, with a “10 reasons to upgrade” video campaign and a TV commercial

by AshwinJuly 20, 2015

Microsoft begins promoting Windows 10, with a new video campaign, and a TV commercial focusing on why the new operating system is good.


The series is called “10 reasons to upgrade” and the first video is now available on YouTube.

Microsoft’s biggest feature in Windows 10, is undeniably the Start Menu. It was infamously removed from Windows 8, and the criticism which followed the release of the operating system, was pretty intense. The majority of the users felt the Metro UI was clunky and the lack of the Start Menu only added to the agony. It was not very user friendly,  as users began to search for the Start Menu, and eventually ended up using third-party alternatives.

Microsoft has learnt from its mistakes, and has beautifully designed the Start Menu in Windows 10. Regular readers will be aware from my previous write ups, about the various changes the Start Menu underwent, which included the relocation of some icons, and some customization options in the Settings App.

Microsoft is betting big on the presence of the Start Menu in Windows 10, will prove to be a major selling point to help attract users to the new OS.

The video was uploaded yesterday, on July 19th, which is exactly 10 days away from the launch date . And that is why the promotional campaign has been named: “10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft will upload follow up videos to the one below, totalling to one video everyday, up until the launch day.

I think we can expect the Redmond Company to focus on promoting its new browser Microsoft Edge, its personal digitial assistant Cortana, Universal Apps, the Action Center, Tablet Mode (continuum),  Settings App, Dark Theme, Aero Snap, Office App, OneDrive and OneNote. etc

The first video of the series has been themed ” IT’S FAMILIAR”. It focuses on ” familiar things” clearly aimed at Windows 7 users who should feel right at home with the Start Menu, and moves on to showcase Live Tiles, which Windows 8 users will be familiar with.

The video which runs for just under a minute, and finally focuses on the free upgrade offer. Microsoft sure knows how to build the Hype.

You can watch the video right here:

And here is the first TV ad for Windows 10. Microsoft highlights that today’s children will never have to worry about security, passwords, because Windows 10 is the future. The video says “The Future Starts Now”.

These ads will be aired in the United States, from today, and will later be followed by releases worldwide beginning July 29th.