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Microsoft Bing gained 1.5% of search shares last year, while Google lost 3%

Microsoft Bing gained 1.5% of search shares last year, while Google lost 3%

by AshwinDecember 28, 2015

Microsoft seems to have had a good year, as far as the Search market share was concerned.

Microsoft Bing vs Google vs Yahoo Search Shares 2014-2015

The Redmond company’s search engine service, Bing, saw its search share go up by 1.5%.

That is quite the achievement, considering that the majority of people use Google for their daily search needs. Speaking of which, ComScore reports that Google lost 3% of its search shares, down to 64% in November 2015, from 67% it held in November 2014.

Microsoft’s success in gaining the seemingly small chunk of search, is largely attributed to its new operating system, Windows 10, which was launched 5 months ago, and the default browser it comes with, Microsoft Edge. And of course, Cortana, the digital personal assistant in Windows 10 uses Bing too.

This has actually made Bing, a profitable venture for the company. In fact the new OS is shaping up to be quite the money maker for the Redmond company, which announced back in October, that 20% of the revenue it made from search, was coming exclusively from Windows 10 devices.

Google announced earlier this year, that for the first time in its history, PC searches were lower, than the searches originating from mobile phones. This of course, is because of the Mountain View company’s operating system, Android, which powers most phones today, and the plethora of Google apps they ship with/or are available at the Play Store.

And this is also helped by the fact that Google has a multi-billion dollar search deal, with Apple, to use Google as teh default search engine in the company’s Safari browser.

Yahoo, is once again at third place with 12.5% of search shares. That may not be a huge number, but it actually gained 2.2% of the search market share this year, down from 10.3% which it held a year ago. This is largely thanks to the multi-million dollar search agreement it holds with Mozilla, to be the default search engine of the popular browser, Firefox.

Whether the Sunnyvale company will continue to sustain and grow its search shares, remains to be seen, it will probably happen given its partnership with Mozilla. AdAge observes that Yahoo held 17.5% of shares about 5 years ago, lying in second place, but ended up losing most of it to Microsoft.

And it is Microsoft which appears to be the most likely, to better its search numbers, what with all the aggressive pushing of the free Windows 10 Upgrade offers, that we have seen lately. Thanks to these tactics, the Redmond company’s quest to achieve 1 Billion installs of Windows 10 by 2017, does seem to be unstoppable.