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Microsoft Bing will give you a digital cake and wish you on your birthday

Microsoft Bing will give you a digital cake and wish you on your birthday

by AshwinSeptember 12, 2015

Microsoft has added a rather nice feature to its search service, Bing,

Microsoft Bing Happy Birthday Cake

The world No.2 search provider, will now wish you a Happy Birthday, and top it up with a digital cake too.

People get older, but you are never too old for cake. Especially a digital one that looks so cool. Notice how the cake and the birthday message blend in with the background? I am not sure if it is the only birthday cake/wallpaper combo on Bing.

Now there is an important factor to consider here. How does Bing know it is your birthday? Well it’s quite obvious, you will need to be signed in to the service with your Microsoft Account. Also make sure, you do set up your real date of birth, or your digital cake could be delivered too early or late.

And the icing on the cake (see what I did there?), is that you can make a wish too, a digital one obviously. The “Make a wish” button, suggests that the user will be able to input a keyword to search for their gift. The “Replay” button however suggests that the whole thing could be animated. Perhaps the message will be a vocal one voiced by Cortana? Itwould be super cool to have her sing Happy Birthday to you.

Microsoft Bing Happy Birthday Message


It reminds me of something else. Care to take a guess? One of the things why I like Google’s homepage, are the doodles they post there. While a doodle isn’t displayed everyday, when do put up one, it’s quite nice to look at, and is also informative. The fact that the doodles differ according to regions, is also nice. The doodles celebrate festivals, honour people, the day a technology was discovered/invented and so much more.

But, I love Bing’s website for another reason entirely, yes you guessed it right. The wallpapers, or Bing Images as they call it, are just gorgeous and make for a wonderful background to have on your desktop/browser. I think it is safe to assume that’s how the whole birthday cake idea must have come up at the Redmond campus.

While it is not a very important feature by any means, this digital cake thing is a nifty little addition, which adds a bit of personal touch to the user. You can view the full resolution image of the birthday cake here, posted by Dwane18 the birthday boy, and Windows Central which shared the news.