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Microsoft clarifies about free Windows 10 upgrade for Insiders, they will just get preactivated preview builds which expire over time

Microsoft clarifies about free Windows 10 upgrade for Insiders, they will just get preactivated preview builds which expire over time

by AshwinJune 23, 2015

Microsoft clarifies about free Windows 10 for Insiders.


Recently, there has been a lot of confusion about the Windows Insider Program.

It began over the weekend, when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds will stay activated, as long as a Microsoft account is connected to it.

This led to the belief that all Windows 10 Preview Builds, will be updated to the final version for free, and remain activated. Basically, it meant that Windows 10 would be offered for free regardless of whether the user has a genuine license of Windows 7 or 8.x.

As many reports emerged on the web regarding this, Microsoft changed the announcement to state that:

It’s important to note that only people running Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 as part of the free upgrade offer.

Now this clarified that only users with a valid license will get the free upgrade.

However, the author of the announcement, Gabe Aul, stated on Twitter that Preview Builds will remain activated as long as an MSA is connected.

Once again, this drove users in to a frenzy and they rejoiced after reading about the free Windows 10 offer for Insiders. But their dream has been shattered by the Redmond company.

Microsoft announced today that rumours surrounding the free license for Insiders is not true, and that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Genuine Windows devices only.

The company also explained that the Windows Insider Program is taking a different approach.

Users who wish to continue as Windows Insiders, after the launch of Windows 10, need not change anything. They are already set to receive future builds. They will still be able to switch between the Fast and Slow ring. Preview builds are activated with a prerelease key, and will automatically expire after a certain time.

But you can upgrade to a newer build, to prevent the build from expiring.

Users who want to opt out of the Windows Insider Program can do so. If the user upgraded from a genuine license of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, they will get the Windows 10 upgrade for free, as per the original announcement from Microsoft.

However, users who installed Windows 10 preview, as a clean install are in for a tedious task. Such users will have to roll back to the previous version of Windows (with a genuine license), and then upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Else, they will be required to purchase a new license. Failing to do so will result in the eventual expiry of the build.

The Clean Install part is a bit harsh, Microsoft should have warned users beforehand. But it is better late than never, and this clarification could certainly help users to re-install Windows 7 or 8, in preparation for the free upgrade to Windows 10.