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Microsoft doesn’t want Windows 10 users to use other browsers, begins advertising Edge as its recommended browser

Microsoft doesn’t want Windows 10 users to use other browsers, begins advertising Edge as its recommended browser

by AshwinSeptember 5, 2015

Windows 10’s new browser is fast, looks cool, and is a great replacement for Internet Explorer, but it hasn’t gained a large user base, at least not yet.


Microsoft doesn’t want this to happen, and has began advertising Edge as its recommended browser.

According to some reports circling around, Microsoft Edge users are seeing a rather unusual bar, when they search for a third party browser in

The Verge however reports that this aggressive marketing campaign for the browser, is only being seen in the U.S. Naturally, I was curious to see if it is the same in India. I couldn’t spot the bar, so I decided to head back to, and change my Country settings to the U.S, and tried it again. Bingo!

You can see the bar in the above screenshot, which I took while writing this article. The message reads “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Learn Why”.

The “Learn Why” is a button, clicking on which directs the user to a promotional page for Bing and Microsoft Edge. There is an “X” clicking on which dismisses the message. This message is only displayed in, and not in other search engines.

Technically this isn’t the first time, Microsoft is advertising Edge. When you upgrade to Windows 10, all your default apps are changed to Microsoft’s recommend ones, which come bundled in with the operating system. This includes Microsoft Edge, which is set as your default browser. Mozilla, in particular was upset about this tactic and its CEO wrote an open letter to his counterpart at Redmond, but it has come to no avail. So, Mozilla posted a video tutorial which educates users how they can retain Firefox as the default browser during the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Is it wrong that Microsoft should display a message recommending the user to use Microsoft Edge? Well, if you are a non-Google Chrome user, you nay have come across similar messages from the Mountain View company, especially when using Google Translate. The website displays a message which says “Try a new browser with Automatic Translation”, besides which are two buttons. Download Google Chrome and Dismiss.


I wouldn’t say Microsoft’s practice is stepping out of line in anyway. Edge is a speedy browser, which combined with its annotation tools, and Cortana integration, makes it a solid browser. And once it gets support for browser extensions, it may be a true replacement for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.