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Microsoft Edge battery life test video claims it outperforms Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge battery life test video claims it outperforms Chrome and Firefox

by AshwinMay 25, 2018

Microsoft isn’t one to shy away from unorthodox marketing techniques to promote its products. And the Redmond company has proved that again, with its latest Microsoft Edge battery life test video.

The video made by the company features three laptops running on the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. All three devices look similar, and Microsoft claims they are identical.

Each laptop used a different browser, one was running Mozilla Firefox, one on Microsoft Edge, and the other one on Google Chrome. The laptops were set to play the same video (which was in HD resolution) over and over in their respective browser till the battery dies.

This is actually a very common benchmark method used by many companies and vloggers. But most of the time, they end up being biased self-promotion videos. Let’s take a look at the Microsoft Edge battery life test video to see the results.

A 30 second video is never a good way to prove anything, let alone a far-fetched claim such as this. The laptop lasted only about 7 hours and 15 minutes on Firefox, while Chrome managed to get just over 12 and half hours out of it, and of course Microsoft Edge lasted for 14 hours and 20 minutes to end up as the clear winner.

Microsoft Edge battery life test video

The reason why we are sharing this Microsoft Edge battery life test video with you, is because we don’t buy it. Why?

Because there is more to the video than meets the eye. No technical specifications of the laptops used in the video were shared. There was no evidence that all three laptops had been charged to 100% (or were on equal amount of capacity). Were there any other applications running in the background? How many tabs were open in the browsers? Were all of the browsers updated to the current version? What extensions were installed on the browsers?

Microsoft Edge is good, but it is in no way as good as the video claims. This just comes across as yet another desperate way to attract users to switch to Edge. If you want people to use your browser, you must provide more options than the competition.

Firefox on the Quantum engine is truly unbeatable, in my opinion when it comes to performance and memory usage, which in turn directly impacts the battery life. Google Chrome users may disagree, though we have seen many agree. We’ll leave you to be the judge to what the best battery friendly browser is.