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Microsoft Edge gains support for Dolby Audio, to provide a louder and clearer audio experience

Microsoft Edge gains support for Dolby Audio, to provide a louder and clearer audio experience

by AshwinMay 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Microsoft Edge will support Media capture, which includes audio and video.


Today, the developer team of Microsoft Edge, has announced a new feature for the browser.

The new browser in Windows 10, will support Dolby Audio.

If you aren’t aware what Dolby Audio is, here is a brief explanation. Dolby Digital Audio is a high definition audio compression technology, which delivers a crystal clear audio playback. This technology is used in movie theaters, to provide a surround sound experienceRecently, Dolby Audio is also being used, in some modern smartphones.

Microsoft Edge becomes the first browser to support the Dolby Digital plus audio format. The multi-channel audio format will provide louder, crisp and clearer audio for supported devices.

Evolution of Microsoft Edge:


What began as a fledgling browser codenamed Project Spartan appears to be evolving into a serious contender for the best browser. Microsoft Edge runs on the Microsoft EdgeHTML, and the browser supports almost all features that other modern browsers have: A pleasant UI,  InProvate browsing, Syncing of passwords, tabs, bookmarks, history etc. Edge recently gained support for a New Tab Page (customizable to a certain extent), Browsing History and easy to remove links.

Microsoft Edge has some unique features like support for the company’s Personal Digital Assistant, Cortana, and Text annotation on Websites, support for OneNote,  the ability to pin Websites to the Start Menu, Reading View. The Redmond Company is retiring old browser scripts and plugins to favour modern ones.

Edge will also be the default PDF reader app in Windows 10. The browser also supports Sandboxing,

But, Microsoft is yet to unleash the most anticipated feature in Microsoft Edge, browser extensions. The Redmond company will reportedly help extension developers to port their Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions to Edge quickly. Extensions for Microsoft Edge, will arrive in the Windows 10 RTM release, sometime in July. Refer to the Microsoft Edge Roadmap for more.

Dolby Audio in Microsoft Edge:

By adding support for Dolby Audio, Microsoft Edge will deliver a high quality audio experience. This will allow websites to play various video formats like HTML5, H.264/AVC as well as HLS, MPEG DASH videos with a richer multi-channel audio quality.

Dolby has made a available a web demo for Microsoft Edge, through which users can experience Dolby Audio Experience. The catch is that it is only available in Microsoft Edge, for now. The purpose of this demo is to give users a sample of the quality of audio Dolby Audio is capable of.