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Microsoft Edge gets an updated rendering engine and is now more speedy

Microsoft Edge gets an updated rendering engine and is now more speedy

by AshwinNovember 17, 2015

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Build 10586, to all users last week.

Windows 10 version 1511 Build 10586 Microsoft Edge Sync Favorites Reading List

This is the first major update to the operating system, and is referred to as Threshold 2 or Fall Update.

One of the hidden changes which the update brings, is a new rendering engine to the Redmond company’s browser, Microsoft Edge.

The updated engine is called EdgeHTML 13, and includes a plethora of new features and improvements. The browser now has better support for HTML5, and has been in test phase, for members of the Windows Insider Program for the past few months.

And thanks to this new engine, Microsoft Edge scored an impressive score of 458 on HTML5Test. The score is a massive improvement of 56 points compared to the score of 402 the last version of the engine, EdgeHTML12, which was released a few months ago. The score is also 117 points over Internet Explorer 11, which managed just 336.

Microsoft EdgeHTML 13 HTML5Test score

Javascript Engine:

Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine, Chakra, has also been updated to include some new features and improvements. The tweaks empower Edge to use asm.js by default. The changes to Microsoft Edge, also saw the browser beating its competitors by a huge margin, in the desktop browser test, the Kangax ES6 compatibility table, for measuring javascript performance.

Microsoft Edge kangaxes6 score

The only browser which came close was Mozilla Firefox 44,  which managed a score of 74%. But Edge was 10 ahead with 84. So Microsoft Edge is without a doubt the fastest browser on the block. You don’t need to dowload a new update for getting all these improvements, as the browser which ships with th latest build of the operating system already has these.

Speaking of which,Microsoft Edge did gain some new front end features in Build 10586. This includes support for syncing your favorites and reading list items. Cortana support for Edge has been improved to search for content in PDFs, wireless multimedia casting for video, audio, and photos, and Tab Previews for background tabs.

Microsoft Edge has been evolving into into a cool browser, but it’s still missing one of the biggest features, its rivals boast, browser extensions, aka add-ons. Without that, the browser pretty much loses the usability factor for power users. The Redmond company has officially confirmed that it will add support for extensions in Microsoft Edge, by July 2016.

This is when we expect the company to release the Windows Redstone Update, which is likely to bring other features, which were cut off from the general availability build 10240, released in July 2015.