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Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 10122 – An analysis of what’s new in the browser

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 10122 – An analysis of what’s new in the browser

by AshwinMay 21, 2015

Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10 yesterday.


The Redmond Company rolled out Windows 10 Build 10122, to the Fast Ring users of the Windows Insider Program.

However, Microsoft Edge still remains as Project Spartan in the latest iteration of the OS. The browser is still under development and continues to be improved, with each build of Windows 10.

We analyze the full change-log of the new version of the browser.

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 10122 brings the following changes:

The browser now supports HTML5 date/week/month inputs by default. Zooming cursor values now support CSS3 for Zoom-in/Zoom-out. The new version of Project Spartan introduces a New Tab Page. We reported about this last month. The Redmond Company demoed the feature at the Build Developer Conference in April. The New Tab Page features a new layout, consisting of Top Sites, Featured Apps, and content from MSN.

Users will be able to customize the New Tab Page from the browser’s settings. Microsoft says that the New Tab Page has been set as the default homepage of Microsoft Edge, in a bid to gather user feedback. The company will be finalizing the layout based on feedback from users.

Microsoft Edge now has an InPrivate mode, similar to Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, and Mozilla Firefox’s private browsing. This feature will allow the user some privacy, as it will not save the browsing session’s data.

Edge now has the ability to pin Websites to the Start Screen in Windows 10. This will allow users to quickly launch the browser, and get to their favorite websites with one-click of the mouse.

Microsoft Edge finally gains support for browsing history. Earlier builds of the browser, lacked this basic feature. The browser now allows users to remove a website from the history with a click of the mouse.

The browser’s Reading view icon is now animated, and will do so when suitable content is detected. Edge also gains a rather important feature, and will now highlight Tabs which are playing sounds or recording audio, with a new icon.

Known Issues in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 10122:

Edge isn’t bug-free yet. For example, it still cannot display full-screen content properly yet. If Microsoft Edge can’t access the localhost, refer to this FAQ page for a solution.

The biggest issue in the browser in Windows 10 Build 10122, is related to AMD Graphics cards. Devices with AMD GPUs apparently experience frequent crashes while using Microsoft Edge. In fact, this bug is so serious, that the Redmond Company has advised AMD users to skip the Windows 10 Build 10122, and switch to the Slow Ring in the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft also says that Edge outperforms Google’s Octane 2.0 and Apple’s Jet Stream benchmarks, thanks to enhancements to the Chakra Engine. Edge also introduces ECMAScript6.

Microsoft Edge will support browser extensions, and also have support for syncing of passwords, bookmarks, tabs and history. It is possible that these features will be added, when Windows 10 hits RTM this summer.