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Microsoft Edge roadmap reveals more about the browser’s upcoming features

Microsoft Edge roadmap reveals more about the browser’s upcoming features

by AshwinMay 6, 2015

Microsoft unveiled its new browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Project Spartan, last week.

Project Spartan was only released with Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, which was released in March. However it did not come with one of the most popular features which it was toutted to have: Extensions (add-ons).

Microsoft Edge isn’t available in the current build of Windows 10 Insider Preview 10074 either. It is expected to be released with its new name in the next build from the Redmond Company. But apparently, even that version of the browser, doesn’t have extensions.

The expectations about Edge are huge, especially since it has replaced Internet Explorer, as the default browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Roadmap:

The team behind Microsoft Edge, have announced that the company is looking to release the browser this summer. The news comes from the Edge Web Summit, and also reveals that Microsoft is adding more features into the browser.Cortana integration has been improved and will have new scenarios, such as auto-completing a users typing, and also gives out more answers to questions about Celebrities. Edge will also get extensions, object-RTC, pointer lock, and more.

Microsoft Edge Release Date:

Microsoft says that Edge will be available only when Windows 10 is launched, which is supposedly happening during the month of July. A roadmap for the browser is posted at Microsoft’s site. Apart from Cortana and Extensions, Edge also has two key features: Text annotation of web pages, and a Reading Mode.

A demo of the browser’s foreign-language webpage translation powered by Bing Translator, and the Reading Mode’s “save for later” was shown by Paula Chuchro, a program manager for Edge,

Microsoft Edge Extensions:

PCWorld says that Microsoft Edge won’t support extensions, when it is released. The much anticipated feature will only arrive after Windows 10 hits RTM. However, three extensions were demoed by another senior program manager for Edge, Chee Chen Tong. The extensions shown off were the Reddit Enhancement Suite, Pinterest and a click-to-call Skype extension.


Microsoft Edge may get an Ambient Light feature which will improve the browsing experience by detecting the lighting conditions of the user’s environment i.e bright sun or dark room. The browser could also support recording mediam and also add access to vibration controls. The browser runs on EdgeHTML, a┬áproprietary layout engine form the Redmond Company, which is a fork of Trident

Microsoft Edge also has sharing web pages, and adding notes to websites. Above all else, the most important challenge for Edge is to prove itself as a worthy browser.