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Microsoft Edge will get support for drag and drop for file uploads

Microsoft Edge will get support for drag and drop for file uploads

by AshwinSeptember 18, 2015

Microsoft looks to be busy adding new features to its new browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge File Upload

Earlier this week, we reported how the Windows Boss, Joe Belfiore, had accidentally showcased a new feature in Microsoft Edge, while demoing the cool capabilities of Cortana.

Microsoft Edge will get support for Tab Previews in an upcoming preview build of Windows 10. Edge will display a preview of the tab’s web page, when the mouse cursor is hovered over the tab. And now it appears that the Redmond company has more tricks up its sleeve, reportsĀ  Digital Trends.

The developers behind Microsoft Edge had an open Q & A session, called AskMSEdge, on Twitter recently. One of the questions asked out to the team, was whether Drag and Drop support for file uploads, will be added to Edge.

This is what the Microsoft Edge developers tweeted out as a reply:

While this seems like a basic feature, it is one very essential feature, to say the very least. Sometimes it may be hard to navigate through half a dozen sub folders to upload a file, using the regular pop-up File explorer upload menu. And that in itself is not a very familiar process for the average user. Opening Windows File Explorer, and leaving the folder which contains the file, in the background, and dragging it to a tab in Microsoft Edge would certainly help make the process much easier.

Most modern browsers support this feature, and it is good to see Edge will as well. It was only yesterday, we reported how Edge has added support for Cortana’s new features which includes search queries through a right-click menu item called Ask Cortana, and another one called Cortana Assist, which displays deals, coupon alerts in the address bar of Microsoft Edge, when a website of a supported store or restaurant is opened. Both features display the relevant information, right in the same window, in a pane on the right hand side.

And of course, we have to appreciate how Microsoft Edge’s team has participated in the interactive Q&A, it shows that the company is taking user feedback seriously, which is how Windows 10 actually shaped up into a great operating system.

As usual, Microsoft did not give out an ETA, as to when the new feature would be included in Edge. But I think a safe assumption would be that the featured could be packed in and rolled out in a preview build of Windows 10, for testing. It may be rolled out to the general public, when the first major Windows Update, which is scheduled to be released sometime in the next three months.