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Microsoft Edge will now display deals for shopping, thanks to Cortana Assist

Microsoft Edge will now display deals for shopping, thanks to Cortana Assist

by AshwinSeptember 17, 2015

Microsoft has announced that it is adding a new feature to the new browser in Windows 10.

Cortana Assist Microsoft Edge

It is not a functionality feature per se, but nevertheless a rather interesting one.

The Redmond Company adds better support for its Digital Personal Assistant, Cortana, in Microsoft Edge. The browser now allows you to search for content, by highlighting text and selecting “Ask Cortana” from the right-click menu. Doing so, will open a new pane in the right hand side of the same window, with the relevant information about the content you queried for. An example of this is shown in the screenshot below.

Ask Cortana Microsoft Edge Right Pane

This also happens to be the first real right-click context menu feature in Microsoft Edge. So, that’s a good sign I suppose. Microsoft says that users will be able to use this feature for searching about places, phenomenon, people, show times, sports scores and more.

Oh, and for this to work, you will have to enable the Cortana app on Windows 10’s taskbar. Once enabled, sign in to Cortana on Microsoft Edge for the advanced capabilities to work. Speaking of which, here is the more important feature the update brings, Cortana Assist.

Cortana will now display deals and coupons in Microsoft Edge. This happens automatically, i.e., when you visit a supported website, Cortana will display an alert in the browser’s address bar. (as shown in the first screenshot here).

You can click on the alert, which will open a new pane in the right hand side of the browser in the same window, with the deals/coupons, saving you both time and money. The feature is not exclusive to restaurants alone, it will even work with Staples, Macy’s and Best Buy.  Microsoft has partnered with the coupon provider, Shopular, for providing the deal alerts.

Windows 10 was released about 40 days ago, but the new browser in the operating system is yet to impress. Additions such as the new Cortana features will certainly help it gain some much needed ground. The real deal however, will be support for browser extensions, which is nowhere in sight. Originally scheduled to have been released along with the launch of Windows 10, the feature now appears to be postponed to the first major update for the operating system. Word on the internet is that the update, could arrive any moment in the next two or three months.

There is a bit of bad news though. The new Cortana features are only available for users in the U.S. It is unclear when it would be rolled out to other regions.