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Microsoft Edge will support syncing of password, bookmarks, tabs and history

Microsoft Edge will support syncing of password, bookmarks, tabs and history

by AshwinMay 8, 2015

Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10 was introduced at the BUILD Developer’s Conference in San Francisco last week.


The browser was announced as Project Spartan, in January and debuted for users, in March in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049.

The Redmond Company announced recently that Edge will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10. Microsoft views IE as one of the reasons of Windows’ downfall, and it is quite right. The browser became clunky over time, and offered very few features compared to that of it’s rivals.

We recently reported about the Microsoft Edge Roadmap, which revealed many of its upcoming features. Support for extensions is coming after Windows 10 hits RTM, which should be around June. Edge will also have better support for the personal digital assistant, Cortana, which is already integrated in the browser. You can ask Cortana about many things to which you will get answers directly in the address bar of Microsoft Edge.

It also supports text annotation of websites, a reading mode, sharing websites, and integrates with OneNote for quickly taking notes.

Microsoft Edge will support Chrome and Firefox extensions. It is rumored that Microsoft will allow developers to port their extensions to support Edge.

Neowin reports that the Microsoft Edge developer team recently had a Question and answer session on Twitter, where it revealed more about the new browser. Microsoft Edge will include support for syncing bookmarks, passwords, browsing history and tabs. This should include cross-device support across Windows PCs, Tablets, and Phones.

This isn’t something new, Mozilla offers the same in Firefox Sync, and so does Google with Chrome Sync. All you need to do is install the browser and sign in to your Sync account, and it will synchronize your selected preferences and data from the server to your device. Besides its usefulness for browsing on multiple Windows devices you own, it will be incredibly useful when setting up a new device.

It is crucial that Microsoft Edge with sync becomes a reality, as it will help the company to Edge, while also retaining the current fan base.

There is no ETA on when the Sync feature would be included, but it will apparently arrive in an update in the future. Microsoft hasn’t decided on the final UI and features for Edge, it is still taking feedback from the Windows Insider community. One feature that it is considering to change is the address bar’s location. Microsoft Edge will reportedly be released through the Windows Store, and could receive updates quickly. It will also help Microsoft to release features for all devices (PCs, Phones, Tablets) at once.