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Microsoft engineer criticizes CCleaner on web show

Microsoft engineer criticizes CCleaner on web show

by AshwinOctober 10, 2015

Piriform CCleaner, is one of the software which we have all grown to be accustomed with, as a reliable and user friendly application.

Microsoft Gov Maharaj Criticizes CCleaner

But it appears that one of the most popular Microsoft Engineers, doesn’t share this opinion.

Gov Maharaj, renowned for his troubleshooting knowledge, has publicly criticized CCleaner on a web show. Maharaj appeared on Channel 9’s website, and was trying to help a user with a failed upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (oh the irony). The user was having trouble upgrading to the latest iteration of the operating system, and sought the famed troubleshooter’s assistance.

The Windows Club reports that, Maharaj was analyzing the installed applications on the user’s pc, to see if there were any incompatible drivers and software, which could be preventing the Windows 10 upgrade, and that is when he spotted CCleaner, listed in the installed apps.

This is how Maharaj and his host reacted after spotting the app:

Maharaj: CCleaner is … how do I put it mildly

Host: Don’t… let’s just move on!

You can watch the video below and hear him says those very words (at around the 7 minute)

Technically the Microsoft Engineer did not blame CCleaner for the failed Windows 10 upgrade, he just says “let’s move on”. So, I think publicly denouncing it, was uncalled for.

From what I have seen in previous instances of failed upgrades, the culprits in those cases are often antivirus applications, and in some cases Microsoft’s updater tools and Windows Updates.

Personally I do not agree that CCleaner is useless. I have been using it for a decade, especially for cleaning out the data and cache in all my browsers, and never once has it given me problems. I believe that Microsoft is being a little paranoid over the app, because CCleaner “cleans the Windows Registry”.

Ironically, it is the Registry which impacts Windows Computers to run into issues, and even causes errors over time, with the accumulation of redundant entries from apps that been uninstalled. The registry is not to be taken lightly, tampering with it could cause system instability, but only if you do not know what you are doing.

Unlike some aggressive registry cleaning software, CCleaner does offer to save a copy of the registry items, before deleting the invalid registry entries. In case things go awry, you can just restore the backup.

With that being said, I stand by Piriform CCleaner which is one the good apps out there, one of the essential apps, which Windows users need to have on their PCs, to wipe your browser’s data, which is a safe practice to protect your accounts from being hacked, or privacy snooped upon, especially if you use your computer for online banking, shopping etc.