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Microsoft exec explains why the company is pushing Windows 10 Upgrades aggressively

Microsoft exec explains why the company is pushing Windows 10 Upgrades aggressively

by AshwinDecember 28, 2015

Of late, there have been multiple instances involving Microsoft’s really aggressive pushing of Windows 10 Upgrades.

GWX Windows 10 App Upgrade Now Download

First there was the issue with Windows 7 users being offered the free upgrade to the new operating system, with just two options.

Upgrade Now and Start Download, Upgrade Later. These were displayed in a rather large pop-up Window from the GWX (Get Windows 10) app. with no skip option immediately found.

Even as furious users criticized the pushiness, things got worse rather quickly. Microsoft changed the offered options to, Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight. Once again, there was no skip option to be found.

The creator of the GWX Control Panel, had revealed that these nagware prompts were due to the constant changes that Microsoft made to the concerned Windows Update (for the GWX app), some of which happened multipled times a day.

What exactly does Microsoft has to say about all this? Neowin reports that  Microsoft’s Marketing Chief, Chris Capossela, has acknowledged that the pushy Windows 10 Upgrades are indeed true. And this is what his explanation for the issue was:

“(Microsoft is) really trying to push people to get to Windows 10… we’re going to keep at it. It’s hard to move anyone to a new model without angering some people.”

He also stated that Microsoft felt it was the company’s responsibility to help people move to a better operating system, and joked that Windows 7 users can stay behind “at their own peril”, and cited instances of new hardware and games not working on older systems.

“We’re willing to put up with some level of discomfort if we feel like we’re getting more and more people to a safer, better operating system that’s frankly better for everyone in the ecosystem… it’s better for Intel, Dell, HP… our customers.”

So it’s all about security and updates, which is why Microsoft wants users to have the best OS on their PCs. That being said, we feel obliged to remind readers that Windows 7 has a good 4 years left, until it reaches its End of Support.

Users stick to Windows 7 for many reasons. There are some users who aren’t willing to upgrade their computer’s hardware or buy a new one, due to economical reasons. But the majority of people who stick to the classic operating system, do that because they fear Windows 10 will not perform as effectively as Windows 7 does.

And of course, there are people who think Windows 10 will be as bad as Windows 8 was, since it still has Start Tiles, and Windows Store apps. Well, you can’t blame them for that, Windows 8 was a chaotic failure, can you?