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Microsoft explains Windows 10 Genuine and Non-Genuine licenses

Microsoft explains Windows 10 Genuine and Non-Genuine licenses

by AshwinMay 16, 2015

In January 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8,1 users.


Soon after, a rumor spread around and as a result confusion ensued.

The rumor suggested that, Windows 10 would be offered for free, even for pirates, i.e people who use non-genuine Windows. Users began to wonder in amazement how this could be possible. Word of the rumor reached Redmond, following which Microsoft clarified that it was only partly true.

It said that Non-Genuine Windows versions will receive the Windows 10 update, but the license status will not change. So a pirated version of Windows will remain so even after the update. It was surprising to see that Microsoft was offering an update for non-genuine Windows.

Earlier this week, the Redmond Company announced seven editions of Windows 10, and today it highlights how these will work for Genuine and Non-Genuine Windows. Microsoft’s Terry Myerson writes in a blog post, reiterating that Windows 10 will be offered for free for 7 and 8,1 users, for the first 12 months from the date Windows 10 is launched. Users will receive Windows Updates for the lifetime of the device, which upgrades to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Genuine and Non-Genuine licenses:

The users with Genuine Windows, will have a fully featured Operating System, which has a proper license and has not been tampered with. Non-Genuine Windows will be identified in a unique way. When Microsoft detects that Windows isn’t genuine, it will create a desktop watermark. Microsoft warns that users who see the watermark on a new machine, should return the device to the dealer and get a replacement with a Genuine Windows version.

Once again, Microsoft is playing the Security Card to reiterate that non-Genuine Windows is highly insecure, and is vulnerable to attacks. Well, we have to agree with Microsoft on this one.

However, Microsoft is aware that many users are unwillingly using Non-Genuine Windows on their systems. With this in mind, Microsoft says that it has partnered with its OEM partners, to reach out to their device’s users who run Non-Genuine Windows. Such users will get some attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers. There is no word on the pricing of Windows 10 yet.

Microsoft is working to make the upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, a seamless experience. Quite frankly, it is already simple enough. I use Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds on my work machine, as a daily driver, and I have not run into any bugs whatsoever. It offers the same experience as Windows 7, with some more features.