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Microsoft handled the OneDrive Storage issue badly, Marketing Chief reveals

Microsoft handled the OneDrive Storage issue badly, Marketing Chief reveals

by AshwinDecember 30, 2015

Windows 10 might have given Microsoft a good name this year, aggressive upgrade notifications aside.

OneDrive get 15gb free storage back

But if there was one big mistake you can pin on the Redmond company, it is probably the OneDrive fiasco.

Here is a recap of what happened earlier. Back in November, Microsoft made a controversial announcement that it would stop offering the 15GB of storage, which it has been giving to the free users of OneDrive in the past.This was because some Office 365 Users, were using several Terabytes of server space for uploading personal files like, music and movies.

And instead of punishing its paid users for misusing the service, it was the free OneDrive users who paid the price, as the company announced that these users will get just 5GB of free space. To make things worse, this would also affect the 15GB free space the Redmond company offered as part of the “Camera Roll” bonus. The change in the service, will happen sometime in early 2016, with no exact time frame given.

Naturally, this was met with public outcry, and users took to the UserVoice forums to slam the decision, and demanded that Microsoft return the storage back to users. And surprisingly for once, Microsoft actually listened to the complaints.

The Redmond company announced that it will be offering OneDrive users to retain the 15GB free space, and the camera roll bonus, for a limited time. Read up on our previous coverage, to learn how to claim your free storage, you only have until January 31, 2016 to do so.

Users and experts alike agree that Microsoft didn’t handle the situation well, and there is one person in the company who agrees. He is none other than, Chris Capossela, the Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

This is what he said:

The economics were totally unsustainable, the way we did the communications was very rushed, because of a major publication that was going to publish something that was very damaging, and was not true. And so we felt like we had to get in front of it and we just weren’t ready

So, Microsoft in a bid to prevent this false story from being revealed, took to announcing the cut in storage, which of course, proved to be disastrous.

Capossela also says that the 15GB free storage space should never have been offered in the first place, as it was economically unsustainable. For e.g: Microsoft News notes that the Redmond company, had previously suggested that some free users backed up up to 5 PCs to upload over 70TB of data on OneDrive.

So to cover this cost for each user, would amount to a crazy sum. This is why it actually wanted to cut the storage. That being said, it wasn’t fair in anyway to punish users who were using the service in a normal way, adhering to the ToS.