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Microsoft hints that the Control Panel will be replaced by the Settings App in Windows 10

Microsoft hints that the Control Panel will be replaced by the Settings App in Windows 10

by AshwinOctober 5, 2015

Microsoft could be getting rid of the Control Panel in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Control Panel UI

Don’t worry, we already have a worthy successor for it called the Settings App. That’s not really surprising, isn’t it? We all knew this was coming sooner or later.

Softpedia spotted some crucial information regarding this. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, explained the reason behind the axing of the Control Panel in a Tweet, which said:

Reducing memory and disk usage sounds nice, but that’s the official explanation, there is another way to look at the issue.

The primary reason behind the logic is that both the Control Panel, and the new Settings app in Windows 10 have a lot of common features. But the latter has an advantage, in that it offers so much more, when it comes to the options. Windows Update, for instance can only be accessed from the Settings App.

Changing the Default apps using the Control Panel, is a major pain, when compared to the much more user friendly option in the Settings App.  You can read how to change the default apps in Windows 10, by following our guide.

That being said, the Control Panel is sadly clunky and bloated. It looks similar to the one in Windows 7, which actually is the main problem, it kind of makes the Control Panel look totally out of place in Windows 10.

In comparison, the Setting app looks great with its modern icons, and since it is a core part of Windows 10, the UI of the app totally blends in. Not to mention it has its own keyboard shortcut, and can also be accessed from the Action Center, apart from the Start Menu.

Windows 10 Settings App UI

What I really like in the Settings app, is all the neat categories it offers (much better than the CP’s categories) making it very easy to navigate across various options, although I personally do use the search function more.

Okay, but what is actually wrong with Control Panel in Windows 10? Functionality wise, nothing is wrong with it per se, it is still capable of doing what it used to. But that’s not good enough. We need the power and the UI of the Settings App merged with those the old Control Panel offers.

And I think for once, Microsoft actually has got it right this time. The control panel needs to be removed and should be replaced by a full fledged Settings app. Microsoft could also make it a universal app, across all devices.