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Microsoft Office 2016 released for Windows and Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 released for Windows and Mac

by AshwinSeptember 22, 2015

Microsoft kicked off the preview builds of Office 2016 back in May this year, and ever since then, the Redmond company has been adding a plethora of features to the productivity suite.

Microsoft Office 2016 Collaboration Word

About a couple of weeks ago, I told you that Office 2016 will be launching on September 22, and that date is today, and Microsoft has delivered on its promise.

One key area where Microsoft has focused its efforts, is on Collaboration in Office 2016. The new feature actually comprises of several new options, which allows users to work together as a team. This is done through various features such as the real-time co-authoring in Word. This allows users to see what other users are typing at that very moment, and any changes made to the documents are saved instantly.

Other useful features in Collaboration:

  • Skype for Business – Allows users to chat, call, video call or even share the screen right from your documents.
  • Office 365 Groups –  Available in Outlook 2016, and also in Outlook Groups apps on all platforms. Groups can have shared inbox, calendar, cloud storage for group files, and even a shared OneNote notebook.

Office 2016 comes with some smart tools such as Tell Me, which helps the user find and use the suite’s features. Smart Lookup (formerly called Insights), displays content from the web right into Office 2016 apps, allowing you to quickly find the information, by harnessing the power of Bing.

Excel boasts direct publishing to Power BI and includes some new and modern charts like Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, Treemap and Sunburst.

Outlook 2016 comes with lightning fast search,  and a new feature called Clutter, which filters low priority emails automatically, and places them in a Clutter folder. It even comes with built-in OneDrive features which allows the user to easily share attachments stored in the cloud.

Office 2016 also has some exclusive Windows 10 features like support for the biometric security system, Windows Hello, the hybrid device feature, Continuum and so much more. Read the official announcement for a deeper understanding of the features.

Back in July, Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac, but that was limited only to Office 365 customers. Now Mac and Windows users can buy Office 2016 for their systems.

If you would like to buy the productivity suite in a one-time purchase, you can give Office Home & Student 2016 a try, it costs $149.99. That may look expensive but it is actually quite cheaper, as a year’s subscription to Office 365 costs $69.99, for a single user. So the stand alone suite is better suited economically, to those who plan to use it in the long run.