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Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview announced, to be released alongside Windows version

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview announced, to be released alongside Windows version

by AshwinJune 13, 2018

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview has officially been announced today. This is the perpetual version update to the Office 2016 version.

That means only volume license users, aka enterprise users, can use it for now.

What is new in Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac ?

Just like Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, the company is focusing on getting things faster in Office 2019.  New features in Office 2018 include customizations in the ribbon in all applications in the suite. Word has a new focus mode, Word Translator, and improved inking. PowerPoint has an improved roaming pencil case, lets you insert and manage icons, SVG, 3D models, morph transitions, a 4K video export option, and the ability to play in-click sequence.

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview

There are some new charts including Funnel charts and 2D maps, and functions for CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH in Excel. Outlook now supports the focused inbox (to deliver all important emails in one place, and puts non-urgent mails in the regular inbox), @mentions, Office 365 Groups (for Exchange accounts), Travel and delivery summary cards, delay or schedule delivery of emails using Send Later, templates for emails, & Read and delivery receipts.

Some of these features were not available for Mac 2016, but included in Office 365 ProPlus.  That’s because they were mostly added after the last standalone version was released. Speaking of which, the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365, is the latter is a subscription based service, powered by the cloud.  Office 2019 is a one-time purchase which can be used offline.

What is included in Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview?

All 5 core client apps, i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote are available in the Office 2019 Preview.

Where can I download Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Preview?

Since this preview is only available for volume license users, it is a commercial preview. So, you cannot download it for free if you are a home user or an individual license user. If, however you are an Enterprise user, you can sign up on the official website, for accessing the Preview.

The reason Microsoft has released the preview is to get feedback from users, before the final release. And since a lot of companies use Office 2016 (volume license), it shows that not every business is ready to move to the cloud, which is why Office 2019 is offered in the first place.

When will Microsoft Office 2019 be released for general availability?

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac will be released alongside the Windows version later this year.