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Microsoft packs bloatware in to Windows 10: Candy Crush Saga to come pre-installed

Microsoft packs bloatware in to Windows 10: Candy Crush Saga to come pre-installed

by AshwinMay 16, 2015

Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows, comes with a slew of new features and apps.


From a new settings app, to Microsoft Edge, Cortana and more, Windows 10 brings a brand new experience.

But not all experiences are welcome. If you have used a smartphone, you will be familiar with the concept of pre-installed apps. OEMs often pre-load their apps or third-party apps in their devices. Not all users will even open such apps. Hence they are called bloatware apps.

The biggest problem with bloatware, is that you cannot uninstall the apps. Now why are we discussing this here?

Microsoft packs bloatware in to Windows 10:

Brace yourself, we have some terrible news. Windows 10 will come with bloatware. The Redmond company has announced that it has partnered with British Game Developer, King to bring Candy Crush Saga pre-installed on Windows 10.

In a post written at the Windows Blog, the Redmond company has announced the availability of Solitaire, Hearts, Minesweeper in the latest version of Windows 10 Build 10074. This is what Microsoft had to say about pre-loading Candy Crush Saga, on Windows 10.

We’re excited to be able to announce today that King will bring their game, Candy Crush Saga, to Windows 10. Candy Crush Saga will be automatically installed for customers that upgrade to or download Windows 10 during the launch! Over time, other popular and awesome King game titles will be available for Windows 10.

Techno Buffalo observes that Microsoft’s idea to pre-load such apps could be in a way to make money. To be more precise, Microsoft could make money from third party apps, to compensate for giving Windows 10 as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

And it only gets worse from here. Microsoft says it will reveal more about other games from King, soon. So apparently we will have more bloatware, well done Redmond!

Candy Crush Saga is a match three game, in which users match three of the same candy types, and continue doing so in a limited number of moves to clear a level. The game was originally launched in 2012 for Facebook, and quickly gained a huge number of users. This resulted in a stand alone version of the game for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

However this also poses a bigger problem, the game, candy Crush Saga, is a freemium game. Such games have premium in-game currencies and other items, which people have to buy for real money. These are called in-app purchases. It is not clear if the pre-loaded game will have in-app purchases.

Additionally such bloatware could also consume precious space on the hard drive, as well as bandwidth, if the apps contain advertisements. The least that Microsoft should do, is to allow users to uninstall the games.