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Microsoft rolls out a unified app store for Windows 10, with categories for each section

Microsoft rolls out a unified app store for Windows 10, with categories for each section

by AshwinJuly 16, 2015

Microsoft appears to be tweaking bits and pieces here and there to prepare for the launch of Windows 10.


Earlier today, we told you that Build 10240 has been released to the Fast Ring and Slow Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

And now the Redmond Company, seems to have rolled out a unified appstore for Windows 10.We are not talking about the Windows Store app on your PC or Phone. It is the web version of the Windows Store that has been changed.

Prior to this change, the Windows Store had two versions. One for Windows 8 PCs and one for Windows Phone 8. Each store had its own links, and webpages for it’s catalogue of apps and games. But they still had one thing in common, in that both webstores allowed users to buy apps and games which were compatible with both PCs and Phones.

For eg: if an app is compatible with both PC and mobile devices, you only needed to buy it once, and download it on each device, using the Windows Store app.

However it was still very annoying for users to have to navigate away from one version of the appstore, to get to the other one. Microsoft appears to have finally listened to feedback from users who have been demanding a unified appstore for a long time. Even the Redmond Company’s rival appstores, the Google Play Store, and the Apple Appstore have unified appstores for many years.

Even though there is a new appstore for Windows 10 devices now, old links still continue to function, except, they will now redirect to the new appstore’s page. i.e., will now redirect to

This should also prove to be useful to quickly share links to other Windows 10 users, regardless of the device they are using.

You may already be aware that Microsoft is working on Universal Apps for Windows 10. This is to ensure that users have the same experience on any Windows 10 Device. Universal apps include Office Apps, OneDrive, OneNote, and more. But to be honest, the Unified Appstore actually came out of the blue, and is quite a pleasant surprise.

This change does not guarantee that you can download any app available on the appstore on your PC or phone. The webstore will actually just use the Windows Store app on your device, to determine the compatibility.

Additionally, NirmalTV says that the new store categorizes apps neatly for Windows Apps (desktop) and Windows phone apps in various sections.

Windows 10 is launching on July 29th, and it just makes me wonder what other tricks Microsoft may be having under its sleeve.