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Microsoft To-Do List Sharing option will arrive in June

Microsoft To-Do List Sharing option will arrive in June

by AshwinMay 29, 2018

Microsoft To-Do has been a very good list creating app for Windows 10 and mobile devices. When it was originally announced that Wunderlist would be discontinued, everyone knew why. But the upcoming Microsoft To-Do List Sharing option will make things better.

The Redmond company favored its newest product for its newest operating system, Windows 10. In a way it made sense, Microsoft To-Do is included in Windows 10 by default. That is something what a few users would term as “bloatware”, i.e., apps they may not use but are bundled in the OS.

But, by including the app in Windows 10, Microsoft ensured that it is noticed by all users. It is free to use, has cross-platform syncing, has customizations, etc.

One of the key features missing from Wunderlist’s replacement application, was list sharing. And the company has addressed the issue after a lot of demand for it from users. Microsoft To-Do List Sharing will arrive in June, via an app update.

We are not sure why it took Microsoft so much time to add a feature, which was already popular among Wunderlist users. I mean, if you are going to replace an existing app, the only way to retain your user base is not just to add more features to the replacement app, but to preserve the functionality of the original one. This is especially important, since Wunderlist has been discontinued. Well, it is better late than never I suppose. At least Microsoft is listening to feedback from users.

For those unaware, what exactly does this feature do?

List Sharing in Microsoft To-Do will allow you to share any list that you have created using the service in the form of a unique URL. This link can then be sent to your friends, or family or colleagues. This sounds pretty much similar to OneDrive’s link sharing option, which you can generate and send through email, Instant Messaging apps or even via SMS. That is exactly how the List Sharing in Microsoft To-Do will work too.

You can control the sharing status of the link, if you are the owner of the link, so when you have completed the tasks in the list, you can disable list sharing.

Microsoft To-Do List Sharing

According to the support portal on the company’s website, Microsoft To-Do List Sharing will be available for Windows 10, Android and iOS and the web version users from June. The current version of the app 1.31, does not include the feature yet, but the upcoming version 1.32 will.