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Microsoft to open source Edge’s Chakra Javascript Engine in January 2016

Microsoft to open source Edge’s Chakra Javascript Engine in January 2016

by AshwinDecember 6, 2015

Microsoft has announced something incredible, which will make developers smile with glee.

Microsoft Edge chakracore JavaScript engine open-source

The Redmond company says that it is going to open source the engine of its newest browser, Microsoft Edge.

Edge is powered by the popular Chakra engine, which was originally developed by Microsoft for Internet Explorer, back in 2008. Ever since it made its debut seven years ago, the Javascript engine has evolved into an impressive performer.

Recently, a javascript benchmark test proved that Microsoft Edge powered by the Chakra Engine, is the fastest browser in the World, beating the likes of existing giants, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and of course, Internet Explorer. Edge also topped the charts in the benchmark tests owned by Google (Octane 2.0), and the Jet Stream test owned by Apple.

And that is not all, Chakra is also the heart of Universal Apps for Windows 10. This is also used for various devices such as the Xbox, Windows phones, Windows PCs. Microsoft says that the Chakra engine is also the core of many of its services such as its digital personal assistant Cortana, its emails ervice, and part of its cloud service Azure.

So, as you can see it powers up many things from tiny phones to gigantic servers.

Microsoft says that it plans to open source the core components of its Chakra engine under the name ChakraCore engine. ChakraCore is a self-contained JavaScript virtual machine which can be used in NoSQL databases, and apps like productivity software, and even in game engines. It can also be used for servers and cloud based services.

The Redmond company will open source the ChakraCore engine, sometime in January 2016, on the GitHub repository. It says that Intel, AMD, and NodeSource will be contibuting to the new community, to help the project succeed.

By giving the source code of the engine, Microsoft is throwing the door open for the World, to contribute to the hub. So, this will ensure the engine’s survival, as well as bring several new features to it, and also minimises the amount of performance and security issues it may have.

And this in turn will have a huge impact on Microsoft Edge, as the Redmond company will likely be using the improvents in ChakraCore and implement them in Chakra. This will probably give Edge a major boost, one which could prove to be the defining factor for Edge as a serious competitor in the browser wars.