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Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 launched at the Windows Store

Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 launched at the Windows Store

by AshwinSeptember 18, 2015

Microsoft has launched a new app called simply as Translator.

Microsoft Translator Windows 10 App

The application has been designed for Windows 10 and is available at the Windows Store.

Microsoft Translator, as its name suggests can help users to break the language barrier, and translate content from one language to another. The service supports the text translation, in over 45 languages. You can type in text, or copy an paste it into the app for the feature to work.

Speaking of which, Translator’s feature isn’t limited just with text content.  You can translate signs, menus, newspapers, printed text, etc, by using your device’s camera. And that’s not all it is capable of. Translator also supports voice translation, which obviously works as the name suggests, with voice input. But the bad news is that this feature requires an internet connection to work. Translator also supports text to speech, using which you can hear the translation in the accent of a native speaker. This may be useful if you are trying to learn a new language.

The app can even teach you a new word with the Word of the Day. You can change the language from the settings menu. And you may want to disable the anonymous data sharing from the settings as well.

An advantage of Microsoft Translator, is that it is a Universal app. You know what that means, it will run on any Windows 10 device, be it a PC, Tablet, Phone or a Hybrid 2in1 device. Another huge plus is that you don’t even need an internet connection for the app’s translation features to work. But for it to work offline, you need to download the  offline language packs for the ones you need.

The interface is quite easy to use, without any bells and whistles. But I hate to point out that the GUI is metroish and looks like it was designed for Windows 8, which is not something I do not like one bit.

Download Microsoft Translator from the Windows Store for free.

The app weighs about 51 MB to download. I think Microsoft Translator could be very useful, and the presence of an app will help people access it quickly. This saves some precious time, which would otherwise be spent on visiting other translation services, such as Google Translate, which does not have a desktop app, let alone work offline.

The app is still in beta face, so you may run into a bug or two.