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Microsoft uploads 10 How To videos to educate users about the features and apps in Windows 10

Microsoft uploads 10 How To videos to educate users about the features and apps in Windows 10

by AshwinSeptember 4, 2015

Microsoft really wants users to adopt Windows 10, as seen in its latest move.


The Redmond company has uploaded not one, but 10 new videos to YouTube,  to educate users about the features and apps in Windows 10.

Let’s face it, Windows 10 is new, and takes some time getting used to. And this doesn’t apply to the average user, but even for tech savvy users, who try the operating system for the first time.

Windows 10 may look and feel familiar to Windows 8 users, but Windows 7 users will not like the learning curve. In fact, the number of people who downgrade from Windows 10 are Windows 7 users, as I have seen many such instances at Reddit and even some of my friends have reverted to 7, after finding that Windows 10 just doesn’t feel right for them.

So it is not surprising at all, that Microsoft has published video tutorials, to detail upon how to use the most important, yet basic features of Windows 10. There are two sides in the Windows 10 coin. The good thing is that Windows 10 is being offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users for free.

The bad thing with Windows 10, is that it is being offered as a free upgrade. Wait, is it a problem? Yes it absolutely is, because users who do not like the operating system, simply abandon it, and revert to their older version of Windows. And since an older version, which they actually paid for, and is more suitable for them, is to their liking, the number of people who revert to windows 10 is very many. This may further be hurdled by many issues, like the Tiles in the Start Menu, incorrect driver updates, buggy Windows Updates, and even incompatible software.

However, the number of people who actually want to learn how to use Windows 10, is greater. Such people will prefer to stick to Windows 10, and will look towards guides, video tutorials to help them, and it is for this very reason why Microsoft has made these videos.

Here is the list of the how to videos which Microsoft has uploaded (linked further below as a playlist)

How-To: How to Get Help
How-To: Windows Hello
How-To: Xbox on Windows
How-To: 5 Tips for Productivity
How-To: Windows Store
How-To: Microsoft Edge
How-To: The Surface Hub Touchback
How-To: Windows and OneDrive
How-To: Start Menu Tips and Tricks
How-To: Hey, Cortana

I have just embedded one video to the article, because I don’t want to add all the videos here, so instead I’ll add a link to the YouTube playlist, where you can watch all 10 How To Windows 10 videos. (There are in fact three older videos there too).

Of course there is much more to Windows 10, than the aforementioned video tutorials might teach you. In fact there are several How To guides here at FileCritic which you may find useful.