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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 announced and here’s how to sign up for the preview

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 announced and here’s how to sign up for the preview

by AshwinJune 7, 2018

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has been officially announced today. But before you jump and ask for the download link, allow us to tell you there is none yet.

The last major version of Visual Studio, was released in March 2017, and Microsoft is following the 2-year release pattern it has been on since Visual Studio 2013, for the upcoming version.

What features are available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019? Since the development platform has not been released yet, we do not know what features it will have. But, there were a few hints in the announcement post shared by the company.  Microsoft highlighted that improvements to the code quality is a priority, especially the ones such as the Live Unit Testing, Live Share for collaborating on the same project in real-time, and IntelliCode which uses artificial intelligence to help programmers. The new version of Visual Studio will focus on simplicity, to help developers, and will boast more AI powered features.

It also appears that GitHub will play a major role, which is not surprising considering that Microsoft acquired the open source code repository for a hopping 7.5 Billion Dollars.  Developers will be able to continue using it for .NET and Roslyn.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

How to get Microsoft Visual Studio 2019?

Microsoft says that it has already begun work on Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac. But there is no ETA yet for the new version, but the company says it will be announcing more about the release over the coming months. But, there is still something you can do.

The Redmond company also says that it will rely on Visual Studio 2019 will be improved based on feedback from the developer community. There will be an official roadmap of what the company is planning to do, too.

This is pretty much how Microsoft worked on Windows 10 and Office 2016, which proved to be a very successful move. But there is a difference, Visual Studio is not a service like Windows, it is a dedicated version, which I’m sure every programmer will appreciate.

To help test the Visual Studio 2019 version, you need to opt-in to the Visual Studio 2017 preview, which you can download from the official website. The Preview can be installed as a stand-alone program, which means you can use it alongside Visual Studio 2017. And you don’t even have to upgrade your version of Windows either.

It still is unclear whether Microsoft will release Visual Studio for Linux, or even offer a proper 64-bit version for Windows.