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Microsoft will not roll out any new build of Windows 10 until October 6th

Microsoft will not roll out any new build of Windows 10 until October 6th

by AshwinOctober 2, 2015

Windows 10 Insiders expecting to test a new build of the operating system, are likely to be disappointed by this news.

Windows 10 Build 10547 Start Menu More Tiles

Microsoft says, it will not roll out any new build of Windows 10 until October 6th.

Why October 6th, what’s so special about that? will undoubtedly be the question on your mind. Well, this is because Microsoft has scheduled an event for October 6th. It is widely believed that the Redmond Company will launch Windows 10 Mobile, the latest operating system for its Windows Phone devices on the said day.

Windows 10 Mobile happens to be the only Windows 10 Edition, which has not yet been launched, the others were all launched on the same day, two months ago, on July 29th.

This is what the text in the upcoming Microsoft event’s website says:

We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.

Here is the tweet which broke the news:

I must admit, the tweet is a bit confusing, isn’t it?. Neither the guy who asked the question, nor Gabe Aul mentioned whether the conversation is about builds for PC or Phone. But I think we can safely assume that it applies to both platforms, as the Tweet from Aul does mention the words: “the event” and “builds”

The last build of Windows 10 released to the members of the Insider Preview Program is Build 10547. It was released on September 19th, and brought in minor changes like improvements to the Start Menu, which now has a 4th tile column, and also allows upto 2048 items to be added in the Menu, (previous limitation was around 500).

Whether, we will be witnessing the launch of the first major update for the operating system, the Threshold 2 update, on October 6th, is a different story. Microsoft Edge desperaately needs the one feature which the company promised, support for browser extensions. Without the extensions, Edge looks and feels kind of like a weak and basic browser, and which is completely out-rivaled by its major competitors, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out Windows Update KB3093266, which fixes critical errors and crashes related to the Start Menu and in the Cortana app.

Oh, and on a side note the Windows Insider Program turned 1 year old yesterday. And it has to be applauded for the way it has helped to build Windows 10 to what it is today, and we sure wish it would continue to do so for years to come.