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Microsoft will provide change logs for Windows updates, but only for Enterprise Editions

Microsoft will provide change logs for Windows updates, but only for Enterprise Editions

by AshwinAugust 29, 2015

If you have been following my write ups here, you will be well aware that recently released Windows Updates, have been rolling out quite often. The problem with these updates are quite a few in number.


First and foremost are cumulative updates, which force the user to reboot the system, to apply the patch. This only works when you boot from the Windows Update section in the Settings app.

And of course, a bigger problem exists, in the dreaded form of buggy updates. But with Microsoft’s policy of not allowing users to defer updates in the Home Edition of Windows 10, it is literally impossible to avoid updates.

The major issue which I am narrowing to here, is that Microsoft does not provide change logs for Windows Updates. And recently, when a news website questioned the Redmond Company about it, the company said that it will only provide patch details for important or significant Windows Updates.

Naturally, this isn’t a positive sign, which users were hoping for. Well, that looks to change in the future, but not for all users. ZDNet reports that Microsoft has announced that it will be providing change lists for businesses. What that means is that, the Redmond company will release change logs for Windows 10 Enterprise Users.

Enterprise editions have an advantage of not being forced to install Windows updates, thanks to the Long Term Service Branch (LTSB), under which the volume license users, i.e., Businesses, will be serviced. This hasn’t come in to effect yet, and Windows Update Branches are only expected to roll out later this year, when Windows 10 Mobile is launched.

My guess is that it is for this reason, that Microsoft will be providing change lists to Business users. LTSB, which is exclusive to Enterprise Edition users, allows the user to defer all Windows Updates, for an indefinite period of time. Now that change lists will be made available for Enterprise editions, System Admins, will be able to analyze the information from the release notes of Windows Updates, to decide whether to install or skip an update. There are reportedly around 1.5. million Windows 10 Enterprise users, who are a part of the 75 Million users of Windows 10.

Whether Microsoft will also release change logs of all Windows 10 Updates for all users, remains to be seen. We have already seen that the majority of users do want to read up on the list of changes a Windows Update fixes, before jumping on to the update bandwagon.