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Microsoft Wunderlist for Windows 10 is now available at the Windows Store

Microsoft Wunderlist for Windows 10 is now available at the Windows Store

by AshwinOctober 3, 2015

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired a company called 6Wunderkinder, for a reported sum ranging somewhere between $100 to $200 million.

Wunderlist for Windows 10 App

The reason behind the acquisition, was that the German company offered a productivity app/service called Wunderlist, and that the service boasted a whopping 13 million users, when Microsoft acquired it.

Wunderlist is a cross platform app, available for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices, and lets users to add tasks in to-do lists, which they can use as a reminder in their daily life.

Wunderlist for Windows 10 now boasts a new design ( which is reminiscent of the mobile app’s UI), support for Live Tiles and even allows users to add new to-dos by using the digital personal assistant in the OS, Cortana. You can either speak or type in your to-do task using Cortana.

The app weighs about 35 MB to download and install. You can download Wunderlist for Windows 10, from the Windows Store. You can sign in to the app using a Microsoft account or a Facebook account or a Google Account. Doing so, will let you create a free account on Wunderlist.

This also applies to the mobile apps as well, which will synchronize with the desktop store app. The screenshot above shows you my list of To-Do’s, which I created using the Wunderlist app on my Android phone, and which were synced automatically to the PC app, when I signed in to it.

The left side bar is home to the Inbox, and your list of To-dos which can be categorized as per your needs. Oh, and the Create new list button is placed at the bottom left of the app. Back to the top left of the sidebar, you have the three line hamburger menu which is a toggle for the sidebar.

Clicking on your photo or username opens a small pop-up which lets you manually Sync the app, manage the Account Settings, Change the background picture, view and manage the app’s settings, and sign out of the app.

Right-click on any of the items on the sidebar, to pin it to start, or to manage the List’s options, delete a list or to create a folder.

The top right corner of the app has buttons to share your tasks, and sorting options for the tasks (alphabetically, by due date or by assignee).

The center of the app’s screen displays the tasks themselves.

The developer team behind Wunderlist, say in the announcement, that they are working on the universal app version of the app, for Windows 10 PCs, tablets and Windows Phones running Windows 10 Mobile. There is no ETA as to when the Wunderlist universal app will be released.