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Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says the company is testing Windows 10 Build 11097

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says the company is testing Windows 10 Build 11097

by AshwinJanuary 11, 2016

Microsoft is testing a new build of Windows 109 in its internal rings.

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The Redmond company’s Gabe Aul announced the news on Twitter, on Saturday.

The new version is called Build 11097. Could it have major changes? The answer is, it is unlikely, for two reasons.

For one thing, Build 11097 is just 15 builds newer than Build 11082, which was released less than a month ago to the fast ring members of the Windows Insider Program. Aul had announced that there would be more new builds in december, during the Christmas Holidays, as most of the developers were on a break. These are indications, that the new build he reffered to could mostly consist of bug fixes, and nothing out of the ordinary.

Secondly, Aul said that the newer build does not have any UX changes, and consists mostly of structural changes. He did not detail upon the changes, but said the build is in an early development stage.

Just because Aul said he was using it on his PC, doesn’t guarantee that Windows 10 Build 11097 will be released to the Fast Ring. It is a known fact that Microsoft tests builds internally, and only if it passes a sort of stability check, does the build make its way to the Insider Program.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be shipped either. This is because the company had announced back in December, that it will be shipping faster fast ring builds in 2016. Microsoft did test something like this around the time Windows 10 was launched six months ago, with a flurry of new Builds being released in just over a week.

Microsoft is targeting a summer release for the Windows 10 Redstone Update, which is the second major update for the operating system, after the November Update (Build 10586 1511). It is likely that the Redstone update will add features which were originally intended to be included in Windows 10, but was cut off from the RTM Build, in order to speed up work on the same to meet the launch date.

One of these features will be support for Extensions in Microsoft Edge. At least two add-on developers, AdBlock Plus and LastPass, have revealed on their websites, that they are working on the extension for Edge, and that it is coming soon.

The current Build, 11082, does mention support for extensions in the code, although there is no option to enable it yet, but this suggests that the feature could be enabled in the near future.