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Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says the company is working on something new for its future builds of Windows 10

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul says the company is working on something new for its future builds of Windows 10

by AshwinOctober 29, 2015

Microsoft is up to something, and it could be a wonderful surprise.


Does that message confuse you? Well, that is exactly how I felt when Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, tweeted the following message.

We are working on doing something we’ve never done before with new builds…but not today.

Well, I can’t say for certain, what exactly is the new feature(s), Aul was teasing about. But it definitely won’t be Extensions for Microsoft Edge, as the Redmond Company has previously officially confirmed that, the much awaited feature won’t arrive till the summer of 2016, which is likely when the Windows 10 Redstone update is likely to be released.

So, what could be it then? It can’t be the Threshold 2 update, which we are expecting, can it?

The words “new builds” is a clear implication that the new feature is intended for the Windows Insider Program. And Aul replies to other users who were desperate to find out what he was teasing about spells very little.

All he said was that it would be something “fun”, and there is “no build today”. I am not sure that it will be a new feature at all, and instead it could be a way how new builds are delivered to the Insiders. Perhaps Microsoft will release ISO images of Windows 10 Builds for all future builds, and skip the usual rule of waiting to release a disc image of the build, till it is made available for the Slow Ring of Insiders?

Or maybe, instead of downloading a full sized update, i.e., several gigabytes of data, Microsoft will now offer smaller updates over the air (OTA) to upgrade from older builds.

This could reduce the number of failed installs, which have sadly been plaguing users for a long time. In fact, such a move would also not require the user to have several GB of free space available before the update has to be installed. A smaller sized update could also mean that the time required to patch an update could be drastically reduced too. Currently, it takes several minutes or hours to install a new build, depending on the hardware of the machine.

It is also possible that we finally get to see the debut of the various update branches, which Microsoft has been touting for the past few months.

Aul said he would announce more details about the mystery, on October 29th PDT. We still have a few hours left to find out what the surprise is.