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Movavi Photo Studio Review

Movavi Photo Studio Review

by September 2, 2015

Movavi Photo Studio Review.

Download and Installation

The program is available for download from the official Movavi website. It is not big, just about 35 MB in size. Movavi Photo Studio supports more than 10 languages and it can be tested only for 7 days; it should be noted that the trial version has got a lot of restrictions.

The installation procedure of the program is standard; all you need is to select the installation language, accept the license agreement and choose the installation location.

Do not forget that you need an active Internet connection after installing this suite because all three applications included in the program will be downloaded after that.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

Movavi Photo Studio is comprehensive and easy to use photo suite which includes three different applications for performing full image editing on the one hand and processing multiple photos with one click and creating amazing slideshows on the other hand. All applications are accessible through a so called Launcher which provides an easy and convenient way to open each of them.

Movavi Photo Studio consists of three programs- Photo Editor (it allows you thoroughly and effectively edit photos), Photo Batch (with the help of this application you have the possibility to process multiple photos simultaneously, i.e. you can resize, rename, rotate, etc. them at the same time without opening each of them separately) and Slideshow Creator (this application is used for editing and creating slideshows).


Each application included in this photo suite has got its own interface.

The main interface of Movavi Photo Editor is divided into three parts- Work Area (i.e. the place where your photos are displayed and where you can perform various actions with them), Tab Selection (it provides you with various editing tools such as rotation, resizing, object removal, etc.) and Tab Contents (it contains different tools for editing your images).

Interface - Photo Editor

The main window of Movavi Photo Batch is also divided into three parts- File List (it displays all your photos added to the program), Settings Tab (it contains five tools which allows you to process a lot of photos in the batch mode, i.e. you have the possibility to resize, rename, rotate, etc. multiple photos at the same time) and Batch Settings (it provides you with different options for the batch photo editing).

Photo Batch- Interface

The user interface of Movavi Slideshow Creator is more complex. It is divided into several parts. There is a video and audio tab on the left (it includes three different tabs for adding videos, photos, transitions and audio). In the center there is a tab contents which displays all added files. On the right side you can see a preview area where you can view your slideshows).

At the bottom there is a toolbar (it contains various tools for editing slideshows such as rotation, etc.) and storyboard (it contains all files added to the slideshow project).

Slideshow- Interface

The Main features of the Program

Supported Image Formats

Input Formats– BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, PAM, PBM, PCX, PGM, PGMYUV, PIC, PIX, PNG, PPM, PTX, SGI, Sun Rasterfile, TARGA, TIFF, WebP, XBM, XFace, XWD.


Movavi Photo Editor provides you with a lot of different tools which allow you to enhance and edit your photos effectively and qualitatively both automatically (by using a so called Magic Enhance tool which adjusts brightness and contrast to the photo) and manually (by using several advanced tools).

With the help of this application you can perform the following actions:

Adjust– you have the possibility to adjust desired brightness, contrast and saturation using special sliders on the one hand and hue, temperature and tint on the other hand.

You can also apply and control exposure, gamma, highlights, shadows, blur and sharpness of the photos.


Effects– Movavi Photo Editor contains several effects which allow you to enhance your photos significantly by adding different effects; all they are conveniently sorted out by categories- Classic (i.e. Dramatic, Grayscale, Sepia, etc.), Artistic (for example, Charcoal, Oil Painting, etc.), Textures (for example, Stars, Hearts, Water, etc.) and Color Filters (for example, Black, White, Red, and so on).


Rotate and Flip– with the help of Movavi Photo Editor you can easily rotate your photo clockwise and counterclockwise on the one hand and flip the image vertically or horizontally on the other hand.

You can also adjust the desired angle of the photo and draw a horizontal and vertical guide using a special Level Tool.


Crop– if you want to crop the image, you can take full advantage of a special cropping tool which allows you to select the desired size both manually (by specifying the width and height) and automatically (with the help of offered by the program dimensions, for example, 1:1 Square, 2:3 iPhone, etc.).


Text– you have the possibility to add text to the photo; the program allows you to select the desired text size, font, style and alignment.

In addition, you can rotate the text clockwise by 180 degrees, choose text color and its opacity.


Resize– you are not satisfied with the size of your image? Do not worry! Movavi Photo Editor has got a special tool which will help you to change the size of your photo, or simply speaking, resize it. The program allows you to resize photos manually by selecting the desired width, height and pixels and automatically by choosing one of dimensions that it offers, for example, 480 x 640 px, 2 x 3 inches, A4, iPad Air- 1536 x 2048 px, and so on.


Object Removal– after taking a photo, you are not content with its quality because a lot of unneeded objects spoil its beauty? If it is so, you can take full advantage of a special tool offered by the program which is called Object Removal.

Movavi Photo Editor offers four different selection tools and one clone tool for effective removing any unnecessary objects from the photo; they are as follows:

Brush Tool– it allows you to select any object on the photo which you want to erase.

Magic Wand Tool– it is used to select that area on the photo that has got the same or similar color pixels; you can control color parameters with the help of Tolerance slider and select the desired value.

Lasso Tool– it allows you to outline an object or area on the photo and erase it.

Polygonal Lasso Tool– with the help of this tool you can select an object on the photo using straight lines.

Selection Eraser Tool– it is used for erasing unwanted objects on the photo.

Stamp Tool– this tool allows you to copy any area on the image and use it on another image. It is very useful when you want to copy objects or remove defects on the photo.

Background Removal– with the help of three different tools, namely, Foreground Brush, Background Brush and Eraser, you have the possibility to select any object on the photo and effectively erase it. In addition, the program allows you to define the desired brush size and boundary smoothness.

Movavi Photo Batch– you have got a lot of photos and it is too boring and difficult for you to process and edit them separately? Fortunately, this boring job is now over for good; thanks to Movavi Photo Batch. With the help of the program you can perform various operations with your photos in the batch mode, i.e. edit all of them simultaneously.

The program allows you to resize photos both automatically (for example, you can scale photos by width, height or percentage, and so on) and manually (by selecting the desired width and height).

Batch 1

Conversion– with the help of Movavi Photo Batch you can convert your photos from one format to another. Currently the program supports the following formats- JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

In addition, you have the possibility to adjust the desired JPEG quality.

Batch 2

Rename– are you tired of renaming separate photos? You want to keep your photo collection in order? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this tool. The program allows you to add index, counter, date and text to the multiple photos and process them simultaneously. Thanks to Movavi Photo Batch your photo collection will be always in order and easily searchable.

Rotate– you can rotate your photos by 90 and 180 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise on the one hand and flip them vertically and horizontally on the other hand.

Adjust– Movavi Photo Batch lets you adjust brightness, contrast and white balance to all photos in the batch mode.

Movavi Slideshow Creator

Supported Video Formats– 3GPP, 3GPP2, ASF, AVI, DivX, FLV, SWF, M2T, M2TS, MTS, TS, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV, MPEG, MPE, M1V, MOD, TOD, M4V, MXF, OGV, QT, RM, RMVB, WebM, WTV, DVD NTSC, DVD PAL

Supported Audio Formats– AAC, AIF, AIFF, APE, AU, SND, FLAC, MP3, M4A, M4B, OGG, WAV, WMA, AMR

In addition, Movavi Slideshow Creator supports various devices, such as Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, Apple iPad, and many others.

Are you tired of viewing static and immovable photos using your default image viewer program? You need something special? You want to vivify your photos? If it is so, Movavi Slideshow Creator is an application just for you. With the help of the program you can create amazing movie slideshows and make your photo collection simply perfect and superb.

You have the possibility to add an endless number of photos to your project and not only add, but also beautify it with audio files on the one hand and a lot of transitions on the other hand.

In addition, Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to edit your slideshows, i.e. you can rotate and automatically enhance your photos, for example, adjust contrast, saturation and white balance.

All applied changes can be viewed by means of an in-built music player.

Created slideshows can be saved as an MP4, MOV, AVI, and a lot of other formats on the one hand and for Apple (for example, iPhone, etc.) and Android (for example, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.) devices.

In addition, Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to upload created slideshows to YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

Creator 1

Creator 2

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

1 GHz processor

1 GB of RAM

150 MB of free hard disk space for the program installation


Movavi Photo Studio is a comprehensive and easy to use photo suite which offers a lot of tools that are necessary for an amateur photographer. With the help of the program they can perform all basic photo operations with images such as rotation, resizing, cropping, object removal, and a lot of others.

In addition, this suite includes two very useful applications which help you to process multiple photo files in the batch mode on the one hand, and create amazing slideshows on the other hand.

Movavi Photo Studio is a program for those users that just need simple photo editing and not advanced correction of the photos. The program will help you to organize your photo collection, edit photos and create slideshows.


Very comprehensive program which includes a lot of great tools for photo editing, batch processing and slideshow creating


1. It has a lot of restrictions in in the trial version
2. Only one week available for testing.

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