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Mozilla and Yahoo team up to deliver a new Search Experience for Firefox users in the U.S.

Mozilla and Yahoo team up to deliver a new Search Experience for Firefox users in the U.S.

by AshwinNovember 12, 2015

Mozilla and Yahoo have teamed up to deliver a new Search Experience for Firefox users, but there is a catch.

Yahoo Search Firefox US

This is exclusive to users in the U.S.

As you may already know the browser maker and the Sunnyvale company entered an agreement last year, to make Yahoo as the default search engine in Firefox. This delivered a mighty blow to the previous search provider, which was, Google.

Ever since the partnership began, the two companies have been working together to add more new Yahoo features to Firefox. This included support for Yahoo Mail in the browser’s share function, which allows you to quickly send links to your friends or to yourself, using the email service.

Now, coming to the new enhanced”Search Experience”, Yahoo is trying new ways to gain some foothold in the search market. It recently teamed up with Google to power its search results, even though it has an ad contract with Microsoft Bing.

Yahoo will now begin displaying images and videos in search results in the header portion (top of the page), when you search for famous people and movies. These are actually related links (based on your search query), which you can click on to go to the relevant page. Look at the GIF image above closely to see an example of this. This feature is quite similar to what Microsoft Bing added earlier this year, remember?

But Yahoo is taking it one step further. The search results now offer much more detailed information, which may save you time, and which could have resulted in multiple searches as well.

When you search for a movie in Yahoo, the results will now include information from IMDB. Google does it already, and this is the reason why I mentioned the partnership between the two above.

Why stop with just information, when you can check the movie timings and also purchase tickets. Yes you can do that from the Search results from the popular service, Fandango.

Music lovers also have some good news in that you will be able to listen to songs and purchase music from Apple’s iTunes service. Yahoo’s search now displays reviews and photos from Yelp and Trip Advisor, which should help you pick your destination more easily.

There is one more feature, which Yahoo added last week. When you search for images in Yahoo, you will now find that it displays Flickr images in the results, this includes the photos which you uploaded to the image sharing service as well.

Firefox users in the U.S can use all of these features from today, regardless of whether you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux.