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Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 update adds support for Pocket, Reader View, Tab and Window sharing in Firefox Hello

Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 update adds support for Pocket, Reader View, Tab and Window sharing in Firefox Hello

by AshwinJune 3, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 update adds support for Pocket.


Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a reading service, which allows users to save a link to a web-article.

Users will then be able to access the article on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, as well as in browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera. Prior to today’s update, Pocket was also available in the form of a browser add-on for Firefox.

With the service now integrated into Firefox, users no longer need the Pocket add-on. You can click on the Pocket button in the toolbar of Firefox, and start using it directly. If you already have a Pocket account, just login to it. Else, you will have to sign up for a free account. The best oart is you can use your Firefox account to sign in, or sign up to Pocket. In addition to Pocket support, you can also sync Firefox tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history, add-ons and preferences across devices.

Reader View:

The Reader View in Firefox 38.0.5, works exactly like the Reading View in Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan). The Reader View button (book icon) is available in the address bar of Firefox, to the left of the refresh and the dropdown icon. Visit a webpage, and click on the Reader View button. This will remove the distracting content in the page including the images, the sidebar, header, etc of the webpage will all be hidden in Reading View, allowing you to read the text content of the page without any distractions.

Here is an example of how a webpage looks like normally:


And this is how the same webpage looks like in Reader View:

Firefox Hello:

Firefox Hello is a video chat service, built-in the browser. The Hello service debuted earlier this year, in January, and allows Firefox users to have a video conversation with another user. Only the person who initiates the Hello Video call needs to have Firefox on their PC. The other users in the conversation can use any WebRTC-supported browser, like Google Chrome or Opera.

Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 adds a new feature to Hello. The new option will allow the user to share the active tab or window directly in a Hello conversation.

Bug-fixes in Firefox 38.0.5:

Mozilla has said that it has fixed a bug which caused Firefox to stop painting, (rendering), when switching between tabs. The issue was a rare one, but a rather annoying bug.

Firefox now works better in Windows 7, as Mozilla has improved the graphics performance, when the built-in VGA driver in the OS, is used.

There is one known issue in Firefox 38.0.5, which prevents responsive images from updating, when the enclosing viewport changes.

Download a fresh copy of Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 from the official webpage or just update it from the Menu > ? > About tab of Firefox.