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Mozilla Firefox 39 released, brings security fixes and integrates some new sharing features

Mozilla Firefox 39 released, brings security fixes and integrates some new sharing features

by AshwinJuly 4, 2015

Mozilla has released version 39 of its browser, Firefox.


According to reports, Mozilla had originally planned to release the update on Tuesday (June 30th), but the roll out had been delayed due to some security issues.

The update fixes several security issues found in the previous versions. To be more precise, a total of 7 security vulnerabilities were found by security researcher Ronald Crane, who reported them as critical issues. Mozilla’s security advisory clarifies that though these did not affect users, they are vulnerable if a mechanism could have been found to exploit the vulnerabilities and trigger them.

A further 6 security issues were also found in Firefox, with three of those found and reported by Mozilla’s Developers and Community members, and two by another security researcher Looben Yan, while another researcher going by the name Herre reported one more.

All of these issues were related to Memory related issues in Firefox. They were also reported as critical flaws and have now been patched, says Security Week.

We advise readers to update to Firefox 39.0 as soon as possible, to patch these security loopholes.

Firefox Share in Firefox Hello:

Firefox Share is a social sharing option available in the browser, which allows users to quickly share links of the web page they are on, to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Yesterday, we reported about Yahoo Mail adding support for Firefox Share. This allows for users to quickly share links via email. The shared links also includes a web preview (Image, Title and URL) of the web page, which would help the recipient learn what the link is for, without clicking on it.

And now, Mozilla has announce that it has added support for Firefox Share in Firefox Hello.. If you aren’t familiar with Firefox Hello, let me explain.

Firefox Hello is a video chat service powered by Telefonica, and built into Mozilla’s browser. It allows Firefox users to have a video conversation with their friends, without having to login or sign up for using the service. All you have to do is open the browser, click on the Firefox Hello icon, and send a link to the person you want to chat with.

When the recipient clicks the link in any browser which supports WebRTC (Firefox , Chrome, Opera). It also allows users to share the list of open tabs, windows using its built-in Screen Sharing option.



Firefox Hello now allows users to sharing a link to join a video call, via social networks or email accounts. This is a much easier way to invite friends to join a video call.