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Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 released, now allows users to set it as the default browser in Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 released, now allows users to set it as the default browser in Windows 10

by AshwinAugust 14, 2015

Earlier this week, we reported that Mozilla Firefox 40.0 had been released, with full compatibility for Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10.


The update added a newer UI, for the browser, changing the tab bar, and also introduced “Suggested Tiles”, which you can opt out of from the Settings.

You can read my previous write-up (linked above) to know more about the new malware blocking feature, the new add-on manager, and FireFox Hello’s easy topic selection.

Today, Mozilla released a minor update for Firefox, bumping the version to 40.0.2. Let us take a look at the new features in it.

Firstly there are two bugs which have been fixed in Firefox 40.0.2.  One of the problems was related to a bug which apparently caused Firefox to crash on Startup. This however did not affect all users, as we have been testing v40 of Firefox on a couple of computers. Mozilla’s release notes says that the issue only plagued certain hardware conditions caused the crash.

The second issue, is related to a missing library file, also reported to affect only certain hardware. Both issues have been fixed in Firefox v40.0.2.

Now comes the new feature, well it isn’t much of a feature as all it does it help the user set Mozilla Firefox as the default browser in Windows 10. To do so, just click on the “let’s do it” button in Firefox, says Ghacks. This was actually supposed to work in v40.0, but a bug in thar version merely opened the Settings app to manually set the default browser in the new operating system.

Mozilla had termed Microsoft‘s practices as unfair, since upgrading to Windows 10 disables Firefox as the default browser, and automatically set it to Microsoft Edge. It is not by any means complex to set Firefox as your preferred choice, in fact you can read our detailed user friendly guide on How to change the default apps in Windows 10.

But Mozilla’s worries are actually quite realistic since the browser’s usage share has been dropping steadily thanks to Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. And with the emergence of Microsoft Edge, it may well be disastrous if existing users abandoned Firefox.

You can download Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 from the official download servers, or from the built-in updater tool in Firefox. If you have Firefox 40.0.0 installed, I suggest going for the latter, as the update to 40.0.2 weighs a mere 4.2 MB. You will need to restart the browser to update it.