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Mozilla Firefox 40.0 with full Windows 10 compatibility released

Mozilla Firefox 40.0 with full Windows 10 compatibility released

by AshwinAugust 11, 2015

Mozilla has released Firefox 40.0, with full compatibility for Windows 10.

Frankly, I have been using the browser on Windows 10 ever since I began using the technical preview of the operating system eight months ago, in January, this year.

Last week, Mozilla released Firefox 39.0.3, which fixed a critical vulnerability in the built-in PDF Reader of the browser. And if you remember, I mentioned in that post, that Mozilla would be releasing Firefox 40 around August 11th, as per its calendar schedule.

So let’s take a look at the changes that the Firefox 40.0 update brings.

Mozilla has beefed up the security of the browser, by blocking malicious software downloads. BetaNews reports that this feature makes use of Google Chrome’s blacklist for screening malware.

Firefox will now display ads in the form of “Suggested Tiles”, which are based on the user’s recent browsing history. Fret not, you can disable this from the New Tab Page’s settings in the top right corner, and unchecking “Include selected sites”.

Firefox’s built-in Instant Messenger, Hello, now allows users to set a tab as the topic of a conversation. All you have to do is tick the box which says “Let’s talk about”, to discuss about the webpage you are on.


Firefox’s add-on manager now resembles the new “Preferences” page, and gains a security feature, which displays a warning for un-signed add-ons.


The change-log for the Firefox 40.0 update also reveals that the browser has been tweaked for improved scrolling, graphics (animations, JPEG images), and video playback as well.

Mozilla says that an issue related to the PDF’ reader’s text rendering of Kannada (a South Indian language) has been fixed.

Issues in Firefox 40.0:

There is only one known issue in the latest stable version of Firefox, and it could be annoying for some users. The browser will cancel on-going downloads (of a Private Browsing session), when the browser is restarted from an add-on installation.

Download Firefox 40.0:

The Firefox 40.0 update is not available from the built-in updater utility just yet. And Mozilla has not made the installer available for it at the downloads page.

But you can still download Mozilla Firefox 40.0 from the official servers, all you have to do is just scroll down the downloads page, to select the language you want and copy the URL.

Now just change “39.0.3” in the URL to “40.0” and paste the link in your browser, and it should begin downloading. The setup file is just over 40MB. You can safely upgrade from Fireof 39.0.3 to Firefox 40.0.