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Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 update fixes five major issues and adds a built-in screenshot option

Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 update fixes five major issues and adds a built-in screenshot option

by AshwinOctober 1, 2015

Mozilla has issued an update for its browser Firefox, which bumps the version from 41.0 to 41.0.1.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 Update installed

The update does come as a surprise, as the prior version was only released about a week ago.

Firefox 41 added the option to chat right from the browser’s built-in messenger tool, Firefox Hello, as well as an option to have a profile photo for Firefox Sync. It also fixed a 14 year old bug, which caused memory issues in the browser, and also improved the way how the popular add-on AdBlock Plus handles the RAM.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 update has fixed five major bugs found in the previous version.

The issues which have been include a bug related to AdBlock Plus and the Yandex Toolbar, which reportedly caused the browser to crash upon start-up. Freezes caused by Adobe’s Flash plugins have been patched, and so has a regression caused while creating bookmarks.

Startup crashes in Firefox, caused by Intel Graphic Cards (3150) and graphic crash which occured on Facebook have also been fixed in the Firefox 41.0.1 update. You can read more about the fixes from the official release notes.

Though the release notes don’t mention the new feature in the update, Firefox 41.0.1 comes with a built-in screenshot taking option. But this isn’t available from the regular UI, instead it is available from the Developer console.

How to take a screenshot in Mozilla Firefox:

1. Right-click on any element (part) in a web page.
2. Select “Inspect Element” from the context menu.
3. This will open the Developer Console, and also highlight the code of the element you right-clicked on.
4. Right-click on the highlighted text, and select the “Screenshot Node” from the context menu.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 Screenshot Node

Alternatively, you can press F12 to bring up the developer console in Firefox, and highlight the code’s text manually by hovering the mouse and take a screenshot too. (refer to step 4 above).

Personally I prefer to use third party  screen capturing apps like Ashampoo Snap or an add-on like Awesome Screenshot, as they have some good editing options. But this built-in option could come in handy too, I suppose.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 update only weighs just 5.4 MB to download if you do so from the previous version of the browser. Or you can download the full offline installer fro the official website.

On a side note, Firefox will soon be getting an audio tab indicator for tabs (already available in the beta channel). In the upcoming version Firefox 44, Mozilla will enforce mandatory add-on signing, along with the Electrolysis technology for managing RAM better in individual process for each tabs, and WebExtensions, whch are cross-browser compatible.