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Mozilla Firefox 41.0 update adds support for Firefox Account photo, Instant Messaging in Firefox Hello

Mozilla Firefox 41.0 update adds support for Firefox Account photo, Instant Messaging in Firefox Hello

by AshwinSeptember 23, 2015

Mozilla has updated its browser to Firefox 41.0, and has patched in several fixes.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0 Profile Photo

The previous stable version was Firefox 40.0.3

Let’s see what the most important ones are in Firefox 41.0. The first of the new features added to the version is related to Firefox accounts. In case you aren’t aware, Firefox has a built-in account service, which allows the user to synchronize the browser’s Tabs, Bookmarks, Passwords, History, Add-ons and Preferences (browser settings).

This incredibly useful when you have to setup Firefox on a new computer or mobile device or even after formatting your hard drive. All you need to do is just login to your account with a master password and Firefox will restore all your stuff for you, and the browser will be up and runningĀ  like you used it on a previous installation.

Well, Firefox 41.0 now lets you add a photo to your Firefox account. This option is available not only for Windows, but also for Mac, Linux and Android operating systems as well.

How to add a profile photo to your Firefox account:

1. Click on the menu button > and click on the sync icon (with your username on it)


Open this local URL in a new tab.


2. Click on the profile picture, it acts like a button and opens a new tab with some settings in it.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0 account sync

3. Click on the add button next to “Account picture”, which opens a file browser window to pick a photo.

Mozilla Firefox 41.0 Profile Photo add

Firefox Hello instant messaging

Firefox Hello, the browser’s built-inĀ  video calling feature, now includes support for instant messaging. And you can also send IMs during calls/video calls. This feature is also available for all platforms.

Firefox 41.0 update also brings nearly 20 security fixes, including some for critical vulnerabilities.

Download Mozilla Firefox 41.0 from the official website.

Mozilla is inching closer to include some controversial upgrades, which might hamper its own browser, and makes me fear for Firefox’s future. What I am referring to is the mandatory requirement of all add-ons to be signed, i.e., developers must submit it to Mozilla for approval, after which it will be certified as signed. Any add-on which isn’t signed will not work in future builds of Firefox starting from version 44.

However, Mozilla will also introduce useful features like, a new API for add-ons called Webextensions, for making extensions cross-browser compatible. It will also include a new tech called Electrolysis, which will handle each Firefox tab as its own individual process, instead of one single memory-hogging Firefox process.