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Mozilla Firefox 42.0 with Tracking Protection, Control Center, Audio Tab Indicator rolls out to all users

Mozilla Firefox 42.0 with Tracking Protection, Control Center, Audio Tab Indicator rolls out to all users

by AshwinNovember 4, 2015

Mozilla has released Firefox 42.0 to the general release channel, for all users.

Mozilla Firefox 42 Private Browsing Tracking Protection

And it adds some really important features to the browser.

Tracking Protection

Firefox 42.0 brings the new Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, a feature which we reported back in September, was available for the beta channel of the browser. This new mode, will allow the user to block web elements which track the user’s behavior in different websites.


The new Control Center is also now available in Firefox 42. This is the panel which lets the user control the privacy settings. In case the Tracking Protection causes the appearance of a webpage to break, you can use the Control Center to disable the mode, and the website should load normally. Oh, and this feature is only available in the Private Browsing mode of Firefox 42.0.

Should you wish to turn off Tracking Protection completely, click on the Firefox menu button > Options > Privacy > and uncheck the option which says “Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows”.

Audio Tab Indicator:

Mozilla Firefox 42.0 also adds a much needed audio tab indicator, which we reported was available in the beta version of the browser last month. The feature, as the name suggests puts a speaker icon on top of a tab which has any audio content playing from.

Mozilla Firefox Audio Indicator Tab Muted Icon

This comes in especially handy in scenarios where visiting a website triggers an annoying auto-play video. instead of sifting through dozens of tabs to find out the origin of the noise, just lookout for the icon, which saves you some time and some mouse clicks. And as an added bonus, unlike some other modern browsers, which only display the speaker icon, Firefox’s audio tab indicator actually serves two purposes. Clicking on the speaker icon will mute the tab, and a second click will unmute it. You don’t even have to switch to the tab to mute/unmute it.

Mozilla Firefox Audio Indicator Tab Playing Icon

Other features:

Firefox 42.0 improves support for WebRTC, adds support for IPV6, and more. The new version of the browser also brings in a slew of security fixes, refer to the official release notes for more info. The Login Manager has also been improved to better handle usernames and passwords. The migration option also now lets you import your passwords from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to Firefox.

Updating from Firefox 41.0.2 to 42.0 will net you a 20MB download. Download the full installer of Firefox 42.0, for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the Mozilla’s servers, the installer weighs about 41.2MB (for Windows).